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Mum Monday’s 👩👦👧👶

It’s that time again another Monday another Mum to share her journey through motherhood. This week we have Maura. My future sister in law 😊… 

Here is Maura’s story….

1.) When did you realise you wanted to be a mum? 

I was pregnant so young I never really thought about it before I found out. I probably found out that I wanted to be a mum when they put my baby boy in my arms.

2.)What do you remember about the day you had your child/children? How did you feel?

When Aaron was born I remember the moment he was born the song meet me half way was on the radio but I always remember thinking what if I don’t love my baby as I don’t remember ever feeling maternal but when they put him in my arms I new everything would be ok I had never felt anything like that in my life I truly was overcome with emotion and love.

When Abbie was born I remember being high as a kite on gas and air and when she was born the midwife said to me it’s a girl(I was sure I was having a boy) I that I thought she was lying to me I remember lifting her leg to check.

When sé was born I was very impatient as we had been in the hospital for a long time but 48 hour later I was finally brought to the delivery suit to get things started not that I new less than an hour later I would be holding my perfect little boy. The thing I remember the most is the doctor came in to break my waters went to write in my notes and said they would put the drip up in an hour and I just remember feeling that the baby was going to be born the doctor assured me that I could be a while as I was early. She said that she would check me I was 10cms and after the fastest part my little man was here.

3.) What did you love and hate about pregnancy? 

I loved the movement and feeling the baby get bigger and knowing my baby would be here soon. I hated most things in pregnancy I am the most impatient person I know I was never really sick but had nausea for nearly the entire time.

4.) Tell me something unique about your child or each of your children. 

Aaron was my first he was such a placid baby. He is a very caring child he is going through his really stroppy stage at the minute but he still is the most caring little boy I have ever met. Last December we all went to the Christmas market and we went to the cash machine standing beside the cash machine was a homeless man playing a tin whistle. I had given the kids 10 pound to spend at the market and Aaron asked me could he give his money to the man I explained that the money was for him to buy something for himself but he said that he has lots of toys and the little man didn’t have any dinner or anywhere to sleep and that he wanted to give his money to the man.

Abbie is everything I wasn’t as a child she loves dolls and makeup and everything girly. She is such a daddy’s girl I have never really got a look in but she looks dainty and that she would break if you touch her but she is really tough we were in funky monkeys and there was a little boy who was being really horrible to all of the kids hitting them and taking there toys then he turned round to Abbie took her glasses (Abbie is practically blind) and I was on my way over to give off to the girl working in funky monkeys when Abbie took her glasses back pushed him over and said “excuse me it is very rude to take something that doesn’t belong to you. You really need to learn some manners”. Where I would have curled up in a ball

Sé is only 6 months so his personality hasn’t truly come out in full but even when he is crying because he is hungry or tired he still smiles when you look at him

5.) What surprised you most about becoming a mum? 

The thing that surprised me the most about becoming a mum was that how much a mothers instinct clicks in I hate confrontation but when needed my confrontational issues go away. 

6.) What has been the most difficult part of being a mother?

With so many wonderful things that come with becoming a mum there are some bad aspects like lack of sleep etc but the hardest thing is the worry I have been blessed with 3 great sleeping babies but I barley slept in the early days I was so so paranoid about sleeping I kept thinking they were going to choke in there sleep I winded them to an inch of there lives but with each baby my paranoia lessened slightly.

7.) What has been the best part of being a mother? 

The best part of being a parent is the individuality of each of my children they are beautiful smart funny children that I am truly blessed to have. I love watching them hit each milestone and seeing how they grow into amazing little people but if I’m being truthfully honest I love bedtime every night knowing that the kids are safe in bed and that we have managed to keep 3 children alive for another day lol. I love knowing they feel safe and loved everyday.

8.) What do you want your children to remember about you?

The thing I want my children to remember is how much I love them and how amazing they are and that they should never doubt themselves for one second because they are the best things that ever happened to me.

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Mum Monday’s 

Today we have a mum sharing with us her view on her own journey through motherhood. 

I am happy to have my beautiful cousin Patrice on the blog this week answering questions on being a mama!! So here she is ❤❤❤ how stunning are these little beauties 👇… a credit to her is to say the least. I’m proud to be their Auntie.

1.) When did you realise you wanted to be a mum?

I realised I wanted to be a mum when I found out I was pregnant unexpectly in 2010, however I miscarried in which I went through alot of emotions (as you can imagine), telling myself maybe Im not ready to be a mum and thats why it happened. But life happens these things happen which took me a while to come to terms with and when I did I knew that this was what I wanted even at the young age of 21 but I felt so blessed when I found out I was pregnant with my son a few months later 😊.
2.)What do you remember about the day you had your child/children? How did you feel?

Lets just say the suspension of meeting my little guy was unbearable, I was soo excited and eager for him to be here already, however I went full term (40 weeks) then another two weeks where I was induced and then 4 days later he arrived. At first I was an emotional wreck, happy, sad, anxious about being responsible for this little human we made but then that all settles down when you see their little face. The unconditional love I have for my children when they were born is so precious and it never ends no matter how old, cheeky and funny they become. That bond I have with my children is amazing and becomes stronger and stronger everyday. 
3.) What did you love and hate about pregnancy?

Well my first 2 pregnancies were a breeze compared to my last one. If I had of had my last pregnancy first let me just tell you there would not have been another baby lol. The sickness and hospital stays I had with my third was crazy and it didnt stop until 3 weeks before I had my little girl. During this time having to work in a restuarant as a supervisor and oversee everything was hard going because the smell of the food made me feel so ill, plus being on your feet all day and the amount of toilet breaks I needed was crazy 🤣. All worth it in the end though.
4.) Tell me something unique about your child or each of your children.

All my children have different personalities, my son Elliot (my first born) is a sensitive wee soul and is very very smart (as told by many others). He enjoys talking more with adults and being able to communicate with us all as he likes to know about everything and anything which I love. My daughter Emily is the complete opposite she loves all the girly things in life and dressing like princesses but will go out and climb and swing from trees, climb walls, play in mud while dressed all nicely. Shes a wee tomboy which I love and will argue the bit out with anyone 🤣. I wouldnt have her an other way. As for Ella shes only 2 months old so it will be interesting to see how her personality shines through as she gets older. 💙💜💛
5.) What surprised you most about becoming a mum?

Everything suprised me about becoming a mum, the amount of responsibility you have for these wee lives and always striving to do my best in bringing them up with manners and how to treat others. However this is alot harder than what it seems as people and children can be so cruel nowadays its a learning process every single day for me. Also my life changed dramatically one I became a mum like yours friends start to become distant and its hard to even have a social life. However I do enjoy my nights in with the kids and even when they go to bed. I would enjoy a night out once in a while and thats only for my own sanity 🤣. Also I realised alot who has been there for me once I had my kids, alot of family members took a step back and dont make the effort with my kids. Although thats there lost!!

6.) What has been the most difficult part of being a mother?

As mentioned above finding time to be myself without the kids is so hard due to the lack of people wanting to mind the kids for me. I know they are my pride and joy but it would also be nice to go for a coffee with friends and actually get to enjoy it, an hour here or there would be nice lol. Looking after my mental health has also been hard too, somedays are better than others!
7.) What has been the best part of being a mother?

The best part of being a mother is watching my children grow into their wee personalities while reaching their milestones in life, ie: rolling over, crawling, walking, first day at nursery/school, meeting there wee friends…etc it amazing. 
8.) What do you want your children to remember about you?

I want my children to always know how much I love them and how hard I work and try to do the best I can for them by spending as much time doing things with them no matter how big or small it maybe. I would like them to always know that I am there for them no matter what even if others aren’t or can’t be. Lifes too short always make the best of any situation and stay positive.

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Lush Product Review: Sleepy Body Lotion

So a few weeks ago so many of my family and friends were telling me about Lush’s body lotion called ‘Sleepy that is working wonders on children that currently have not gotten the memo on how to sleep through the night (my youngest is included as one of those children).

So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Paul and I would give anything to have our nights back and to catch up on those much needed 😪💤. I got Paul to go down after work the other week. Looking forward to the bedtime routine, hoping and praying for that nights sleep that has long aluded us was just a few hours away. Much to my disappointment it was sold out and not just in that shop, every shop in Belfast. The queue was down the street before the shop had even opened that morning. Paul was told could be another week before anymore of the product comes in. 

My mum had been keeping an eye on Facebook just incase a batch came in. She ended up getting me two tubs a few days later. I could not wait to get started and to see what all the hype was about. 

After the first night we noticed a difference. However, we did not know that Ruaidhrí had a viral infection and was about to take full effect on him the next day. 

We carried on using the Lush Sleepy lotion through his sickness hoping that it would help him sleep a bit better. Although he was up quite regularly. Once he was over the viral infection I could not wait to see the Lush Sleepy get to work.

A week went by and his sleep was actually worse than what it was before we began using the lotion. He was up every two hours for example up at 2am back to sleep at 3am and up again at 4am. This was every night.  After about 10 days my other half said to stop using it to see how his sleep was. Straight away it started to improve and he was only waking up about 3 times but going back to sleep practically right away (well about 20mins later but that’s a lot better than 60mins).

I used the lotion on my other son Roman and on myself both of us slept brilliantly. I still use it on both of us. Sadly though it did not work on Ruaidhrí. It had the complete opposite effect on him and kept him up instead of helping him sleep.

Means I get more of the lotion to myself which smells divine seriously definitely one of the best bedtime lotions I have used on myself. Although got to say I was disappointed that it did not work for Ruaidhrí with all the hype surrounding this product and how it helped babies sleep. I guess it is true different things work for different babies. 

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Mum Monday’s 👩👦👶

Hello everyone this is going to be a new weekly blog post. It’s all about being a mum, mom, mother, mummy whatever you call yourself. So here we go today’s first post will be about me…

My name is Andrea Johnston. I have 2 boys Roman 5 and Ruaidhrí coming 10 months. I have officially went part time in work from today so I have more time with my children and my other half whose name is Paul.


1.) When did you realise you wanted to be a mum? 

A.) Well I didn’t realise I wanted to be a mum until I was pregnant with my first. To tell you the truth I didn’t know if I wanted children. Once I had Roman I wanted and still do a whole football team. 

2.) What do you remember about the day you had your child/children? How did you feel?

A.) My two experiences were completely different. Being in labour was the same and meeting my two boys for the first time was just the most amazing feeling I have ever felt and experienced. However, I was in two different relationships and being in labour while with my first son’s father was an experience I will never want to go through again. While with my current partner  (soon to be hubby) I felt calm even though I probably did not look it. I felt supported and protected with him by my side.
3. ) What did you love and hate about pregnancy?

A.) In all honesty I am not a big fan of pregnancy I was constantly sick, back pain which led to physio and you could have swore I was carrying twins if not triplets. Pregnancy is hard for me. Still won’t stop be having more children as I love the feeling of being able to feel your little one move around inside you. That you are growing a little human to bring into this world. I love how your love grows every single day for your child.

4.) Tell me something unique about your child or each of your children.

A.) Roman is my little butterfly who just floats by in life. He’s sensitive and loves to please everyone. Lately he’s been starting to stand up to his friends which is great to see. He loves to sing and dance. Ruaidhrí is my firecracker, his fuse was lit when he was born and still hasn’t stopped. He’s fearless and just into everything. He will get his brother into a lot of trouble.

5.) What has surprised you most about becoming a mother?

A.) For me it’s how I enjoy the mum life so much more than the single life I had. I love that I have two children to look after and raise and that I go to bed early. I love that I prefer to be at home now than out at bars or nights out. I love cuddling up on the sofa with the other half too catch up on a tv show with a cuppa and a few biscuits. I am amazed at myself for how much motherhood has changed me. It didn’t happen overnight but I definitely would not change how becoming a mother has changed me to the person I am today.

6.) What has been the most difficult part of being a mother?

A.) My anxiety after Ruaidhrí got too an all time high. I just did not want to leave the house. I was worried that something would happen to the children while we were out. It’s not as bad now but sometimes it still creeps up. Also I find dividing my time difficult. Trying to see to both kids, working and all the other things. Some days I’m like I got this shit… Wonder Woman better watch her back 😜😝… While others it’s like I’m the tortoise in the race with the hare. I’ll get there though!!

7.) What has been the best part of being a mother?

A.) I guess my answer will be the same as most parents. The best part is it all even the warts. From the day you find out your pregnant and everyday from then. Seeing their wee faces and and watch them grows from tiny little babies to the person they are today. It’s amazing to know that someone looks up and depends on me and that I will be one of their first role models.

8.) What do you want your children remember about you?

A.) I would want them to remember how much I love them. How I enjoyed spending time with them doing activities and other family fun adventures. I want them to remember that I will have tried to raise them as kind and caring human beings and to remember that. 

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What #Parenting has really been like for me 

For me being a mother of one is a far stretch to being a mother of two. I know some parents have three maybe four children and family life is a breeze well that really a breeze, but a far lot calmer and less manic than mine. Well for me anyways.

Being a mother to one for me it was difficult at times from Roman was 8 months I was a single mum. I studied full time was up to all hours doing assignments and starting my day at 5.30 am most days to get to my classes on time. I loved it and wouldn’t change a single part of it for anything.

(The Mum Tum out on show ☝️)

Becoming a mother of two has changed my view of parenting. First of all Ruaidhrí’s first 9 months have been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. This boy has not had it easy. He has been in and out of hospital, constantly being sick, his teething pains are kicking him up the butt every other day at the moment. Worse of all is his sleep. There was a time he did not sleep at all. Naps were only 20 mins twice a day and then constantly up and down throughout the night. This seemed to last for years (well maybe more like a few months) however it was slowly taking it’s toll on us.
I love being a mum, I can honestly say having my boys are the most beautiful and amazing blessing I have. My most favourite thing to do is have family time. I would pick family time over anything else and I really enjoy spending time with my family. 

However, there are days were I was just physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained. It was like my head was hitting a brick wall while my body was going through all the actions of every day life, looking after to young boys, a bigger loveable child (well only sometimes he’s quite sensible 90% of the time), keeping a household running and going back to work. 

Not only that I suffered from anxiety. There was a time were I did not want to leave the house. My anxiety was under control when I was in my own wee bubble. I always feared that something bad was going to happen to my boys or I would go to sleep and not wake up. I had no idea what was going on as I wasn’t depressed. I was perfectly happy being in my own bubble with my boys and my family. I didn’t like going out to public places like bars and pubs I felt like people would be judging me as I thought I should be home with my kids. At the moment these thoughts still pop into my head. I want to go home about 8 times during a night out without the kids. Crowds aren’t my thing anymore. Be that as it may, I have come to terms with that. I enjoy being at home and I am slowly realising that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says, if I am happy with my life then who cares what others judgements are. However, society has made people become more conscious about how people view us. Which is totally wrong and definitely not a way that is healthy for us as humans. Mental health is on the uprise in the world we live in And in my opinion it’s mostly due to unhealthy norms that media and social media have turned into general norms that we as a society should follow. (Sorry got a little of topic there and carried away with myself.)

Being a mum of two I never realised how difficult it was going to be to split my time. Especially with the four year age gap. At the start I thought this was easy. What on earth are other mum’s on about. Then again, you forget that newborns eat, sleep and poop. (Practically sleep for most of the day for the first few weeks). So I was able to do all the Christmas activities I usually do with Roman. It wasn’t until Ruaidhrí got out of hospital and started to need a lot more attention and to be a lot more hands on. That guilt that I spoke about in a previous post. Boy!!! No one warned me about that. I went to bed crying to myself at nights as I felt so guilty as all Roman wanted to do was spend some time with me. Like people say all children are different and these two boys are like chalk and cheese. Roman is our laid back easy living boy, while Ruaidhrí is our firecracker who’s going off in the middle of a tornado.

I honestly have no idea how Paul and I have not argued or snapped at each other during these last 9 months. It has been a tough ride for the both of us and for Roman also. As our little firecracker changed the family dynamics for him also. At least I know that if we made it through what have been a very rough few months, while being so sleep deprived, working, running a household and raising two young boys. While going through every emotion possible each and every day for the last few months. Then we will make it through whatever life has to throw at us.

One outlet that has helped me through my anxiety and the choppy inharminous days that very much seemed like I was giving a Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobbstopper in the form a child that needed 24 hour constant one on one attention. This outlet was Instagram, I already had my own profile on Instagram but I made a mum profile up and a blog and started to follow other parents that made me realise I wasn’t on my own. I related to their posts, blogs and stories. I was able to read and see that other people were dealing with tge same challeneges that I was going through and we were able to talk about how we were dealing with it. It was great. It lifted me up. I was starting to feel like me again and that  it wasn’t just that I wasn’t able to be a mum of two. It made me realise I am only human and raising another human will come with many challenges some good and some demanding and difficult. These are challenges I am willing to take head on as becoming a mum as I have said has been the most amazing and unbelievable blessing that I have been given. I just did not realise how hard it was going to be. Life ain’t easy though… it’s not a walk in the park all the time and no one can ever be prepared for what parenthood brings.

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First Month Back at Work Update 🤓💗

My first work back at work has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I went back to work full time to see how it went. Full time meant working 3 12 hour shifts or 2 12 hour shifts and 2 six hour shifts.

To start off with I loved it. I am not going to lie. By the time my maternity leave was ending Ruaidhrí was hard work. He was constantly crying, not sleeping and just all round clingy. I got so jealous of the other half going out to work even though is work hours are short, those arms with a non clingy and non crying baby were what I craved. I cried constantly and felt so guilty that Roman wasn’t getting enough of my time.

So those 36 hours a week of going back to work were like a little piece of heaven sent to me. During the first few weeks Ruaidhrí was being difficult to settle with people and not just any one but family. This boy made it difficult for us to go to work. Which in turn made us both feel guilty ad our parents had to go through a hard time with him. 

So since my second week in returning to work I have been having a daily struggle with myself on whether to reduce my hours to 24. I am now into my sixth week back and off with an injury. I am a care assistant and going into work tired with a baby that has trouble sleeping through the night and through the day also. The decision has been made. Come September my hours will be reduced. 

It’s not fair on us both working full time jobs while all us parents know that being a parent is a full time job. There is no set hours for being a parent it’s basically when you open your eyes to when you close your eyes. And there is no time limit on his ling your eyes are closed. We struggle to get up some days are harder than others.

It’s not fair on our children as they are not getting the best of us. Some days I feel they are getting the best of me. I am on top of everything the children, the house, the job, the bills and even myself. Other days I just feel like I’m failing at everything, juggling 2 young children, a full time job and trying to keep the house respectable. I want my boys to be happy and to have fun and to enjoy like with us. I know that you don’t need to give your children expensive gifts to make them happy. And it’s one thing I plan not to do. I want them to have the memories they can look back on and remember they had good and happy times with us while growing up. This was a big part in my decision in reducing my hours. 

It’s not fair on my work colleagues me arriving into work tired, yes I still do my work but I am totally exhausted. 

Maybe when Ruaidhrí is that bit older I can pick up my hours again but at the moment I think that 24 hours is enough to balance my family and work life balance. I want to be that mum who bring a their kids to all their sports practices and go to every game. I want to be there to do their homework with them to watch them grow into the fine young boys and men they are going to be. And at the moment me reducing my hours at work and being at home more with my boys is what is best for my family and for myself at this moment.

The struggle is real for parents going back to work. It’s a hard transition being with your child everyday to not. For me I was happy for the break to start with but boy do you miss them like crazy.

Do not be hard on yourself. Only you know what’s the best decision for you and tour family. I wasn’t sure that’s why I went back to work full time. I made sure I waited a few weeks just to try and work out what was best and to make sure my emotions were not getting in the way. Now I know and I am happy with the decision I have made to reduce my working hours.

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Happy Birthday Roman 🎂🍭🎁🎈🎉

Dear Roman, 

I would like to say happy birthday to my little guy. You are now a big 5 year old. I know this post is a few days late. However, we celebrated your birthday for the whole day and then went to the caravan the next were there is no Wi-Fi. So this post will not be posted until we get home.

I would just like to say thank you for be the amazing kid you are. You are kind, generous, sensitive, loving, caring and would share with almost everyone (unless it’s your uncle Anthony). 

Being your mum for the last five years has been amazing. You changed me from the moment I found out you were on your way. You have made me see the strength in myself I never knew I had and I hope that I pass some of that on to you. 

You make every day so magical for me and I hope that I do the same for you. This year was the first year we did not have a big party. We spent your birthday as a family. The four of us and we had the most awesome time. You got to see all the family and open your presents in the morning. Go Indiana Land the toy shoo and had McDonald’s for dinner. We then went home played with your toys again and toys from the toystore. We had some of your Pokemon birthday cake. And you fell asleep on the sofa out cold from all the excitement from that day. I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed spending the whole day with you. I know you will have parties again in the future and will be off with your friends. So this birthday was special for you and and for me and I took in and enjoyed every moment with my now 5 year old big boy. 

I look forward to watching you grow into the young man you are becoming. I love you son. Always and Forever. Your Mum xxxxx

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My Weekly Adventures with R&R!!! 😜🙄😯

Monday morning came and so did another 12 hour shift (fml) is what I use to say. But I have to say spending sometime away from the kids makes my time with them that little but better and special. Ruaidhrí was out cold by the time I got home. However, I did get a video chat with him on my lunch break. And Roman was showing me his new bike he got for birthday next week from granny. Roman was still out playing by the time I got home. So I was still able to see him. Instead of a story he wanted to play his 3DS for a bit. And since it’s the summer holidays I bedtime strictness will become I bit leaner. We got chatting after his DS time and told me his favourite part of his day was going to Smyths toy store. Well duh!!! That was a silly question for me to ask. Of course that would be his favourite part.

Tuesday I got up early with the kids. Well I let Roman lie on for a bit as it is the summer. Once everyone had breakfast and was ready we were out of the house for 10am and on our way to Funky Monkey’s soft play area. Oh Goddd!!! I strongly dislike those places unless we are either the first ones or last ones there. I think its mostly just a place were parents come to let their kids go wild and they just sit blatantly ignoring their kids while just staring into their phone for the next hour and a half. Anyways moving on, i brought the two boys to Funky Monkey’s as I was meeting up with a friend who was back from Australia for a few weeks and as I had the boys, she got her nephew and we all went to Funky Monkey’s . However, dipso here forgets her phone and has no way to contact her friend to let her know that we are there haha… I can be a real dipshit sometimes. She did arrive an hour later and I stayed an hour over what I paid for ooopppsss!!!! Ruaidhrí loved it and started to kiss his reflection again and loved climbing all over the play stuff. That was until like I mentioned earlier, parents not giving a shit about what their kids do once they get there. Older kids were running mad and nearly jumping on top of the babies. Roman had a ball with my friends nephew and I did not see him unless it was for drinks.  Once we left and went home the sister in law to be called. Roman was off up to stay with her tonight as they are away for his birthday. So he went to the toy store two days in a row the lucky boy and got to pick a birthday present. He then went back to the sister in laws for  a sleepover. He didn’t even say bye when he left, don’t even think he looked back lol… the little shite!!! Ruaidhrí went to stay with his granny and granda, so Paul and I were kid free. Although, with Ruaidhrí’s recent behaviour we were expecting a phone call. During our free time we went to see my new little niece Baby Ella. OMG she is so beautiful, I just wanted to take her home with me. We also had an appointment with the wedding planner, which went well. Once we got home it was a chinese and bed for us.

No kids and I am still up from 6.30am. Think its just my normal body clock, however when the kids are here I could sleep like there is no tomorrow. So Wednesday, another day off work for me and I have the house cleaned by 9am. Go upstairs to Paul and we get ready to go collect Ruaidhrí from his granny and granda. NO PHONE CALL WAS RECIEVED!!!! Roman went off to  the cinema to watch the new minions film out as part of his birthday gift, with his aunt, uncle and cousins. While he was there Ruaidhrí, Paul and I went out for coffee and lunch. Well the child sure did not have coffee. He’s already a handful. Once Roman got home we went to the hospital to see Baby Ella. The two boys fell asleep in the car so I just went in for 15 minutes to see her. We were going to make a day out of it but by the time them two woke up from their naps, it was way to late in the day to do anything. We went home had dinner and played with the boys. Roman then went out to play with his friends and was out on his old bike. He was embarrassed to go out on his new bike because it had stabiliser’s on it. So Paul got them off and went out with him for 15 minutes to help him find his balance as the new bike is a lot bigger than his old bike. Once he got the hang of it, we didn’t see him for the rest of the night. Until we called him to come a walk round the lake with us to try and get Ruaidhrí to sleep. This boy had no intention on sleeping. he wants out with all the other kids and he just doesn’t know that he is not able too. Anyways two of Roman’s friends came with us on the walk and they had fun driving all their bikes round. Especially as one of them got his stabiliser’s off too.

Thursday was a 12 hour shift in work for me. So the boys were dropped off to their granny that morning and she brought them to Funky Monkey’s. My aunt also brought over my wee niece and nephew as their mum was in having their baby sister. So all the cousins were in Funky Monkey’s and then went back to my mum’s house for a while. I also got a text to say Ruaidhrí cut his first tooth today. So happy that its finally through. Daddy picked the boys up after work and Ruaidhrí played up something shocking I was informed when I got home. He just fought an fought to go to sleep even though he had not slept. I wonder when babies start to get the memo that once they are tired to go to sleep. As they will feel much better afterwards. Paul went to shop when I got home and got all stuff for smokies as Roman away to his Nanny’s for a week. So we had a wee party night.

Ruaidhrí slept muchbetter last night than he has done in a while for the both of us. Once he woke at 5am i gave him a bottle and he went back over until 8am.  We got up and had breakfast and waited for Roman to wake up which was just after 9am. We all played a bit and then granny called in and seen the two boys for a while. Roman then went out with her to run a few errands and came back at 12pm. While Ruaidhrí slept the whole time. Once Ruaidhrí had his lunch we were then off to drop Roman off to his Nanny’s. At least I got a hug and kiss this time a whole week. I hate when he is  gone but its good for him to spend time with his other family and his daddy. I can’t be greedy even though I want to be all the time with him. Ruaidhrí and I then went to pick up Roman’s birthday outfit. We met up with granny and then daddy picked us up. We went home and played trying to get Ruaidhrí to crawl. He get’s up on all fours just doesn’t know to crawl yet.

Saturday morning was spent in work until 2pm. I went to my mum’s to pick the child up and to wait on Paul to pick us up. Ruaidhrí and I were playing on the floor. He got up into all fours and crawled sideways  (crab style 🦀🦀) for like 2 seconds. Once Paul picked us up we went food shopping and birthday present shopping for Roman. During this time Ruaidhrí napped and woke up just as we were heading home. We got dinner on got the child bathed and played with him some more and guess what he crawled yes he did. Check out the post on him crawling you Here Crawling Milestone. I tell you now mummy and daddy were so happy and proud of this little guy. He was shattered once going to bed and out straight away.

Sunday morning was also spent in work until 2pm. Paul and Ruaidhrí picked me up and as soon as we got home the little guy cuddled into me for a nap. Oh how I miss him so much and I am sure gonna lap up as much cuddle naps as I can. As soon enough he won’t want them. Anyways Paul brought him up to bed while we had lunch and once he woke we went to Granny Eileen’s and Granda Paul’s (Paul’s mum and dad’s). Ruaidhrí had a ball playing with all the toys and playing with Granny and Granda. We tried to get him to crawl for them but he just wasn’t having it. However, once he’s home he starts crawling again. I swear this child is so smart for his own good. He knows what he’s up too. We ended our day with Ruaidhrí and I getting a bath together then back downstairs for some more playtime until bedtime.

This week has surely been an eventful week for the little guy. So many milestones reached.

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Someone Reached the Crawling Milestone 🤗😁😕

Check out the video of the little guy crawling 👇👇👇👇

So yesterday a milestone was reached yet again this week. By good God what a week this has been for Ruaidhrí.

He is bloody well crawling. It’s amazing I am so proud and so his his dad. On the other hand wtf is going to happen next. Hahaha 

Just as long as he doesn’t make his own version of the film Baby’s Day Out then we are all good here.

Also I think it’s time to invest in one of those babygrows that has the floor mop bristles attached to them. If baby wants to crawl, baby can clean while he’s doing it.