Hi everyone!

My name is Andrea, also known as Andi or mummy to my 4 year old son and soon to be little son or daughter (seriously roll on the next 5 1/2 weeks! I think all women can relate when your this far on in pregnancy you just cant wait for it to  be over and done with.) I started this blog not only to keep myself occupied not that I already am with a 4 year old who just started school and another one on that way, but to help myself vent and to also document day to day activities and us mums do on a daily basis. Talk about topics and to give my opinions on topics on mum and parent related topics that we all go through. I will document the arts and crafts that I do wit my son and put up diy projects for us all too do (especially seasonal stuff).

Now for a little bit more about myself.  I am a 27 year old full time working mum, who has currently just started maternity leave. I love my job as a care worker for the elderly but my heart is dedicated on becoming a midwife. Currently those plans of becoming a midwife are on hold for a year or two now. Until this little one who is about to make their big entrance into this world shortly is up a bit and not as much dependant as a newborn is. For a good time I wanted to become a teacher but as soon as I had my first born my beautiful little prince Roman, I knew from then I wanted to become I midwife.

The qualifications I had were in a completely different field for what you needed to become a midwife. So when Roman was 1 year old I went back to study for 2 years in the subjects I knew that would get me into midwifery. Once I passed all classes I just needed a years experience out in the health care field before applying for University to study midwifery. Now that I have that my new little bundle of joy is about to arrive. However, that does not deter the passion and determination I have for becoming a midwife

In the meantime though I am enjoying every second of being a mum and building a family with my amazing partner

I hope that you all enjoy and please be patient as I have never done this so might take me a while to get the hang off blogging and how to work my way round the site and set things up.

Many Thanks