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Child Free Weekend! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿค—

So the weekend that just passed was the first weekend that Paul and I had been away since his birthday last year which was in May. Paul had got me a night away to the Canal Court for Christmas. This is a popular spa hotel in Newry about 30 miles away could be a bit more from where we are in Belfast.

So to make a weekend off it we had booked into a B&B just outside Carlingford in County Louth. Carlingford is a beautiful place, if you are ever in Ireland go visit this little town. It’s rich in history and nightlife definitely would not get bored there.

So I picked Paul up from work on the Friday and I yes I drove down to Newry my first big motorway drive since passing my test. Still proud as punch I am. Anyways when we got to the Canal Court we were both exhausted from our previous five kid sleepover from the night before. We were going to go out for dinner in Newry however we were told by so many people that the hotel food was delicious.

So we checked in went to our room which was lovely, clean and most off all there was no kids in sight. We had the double bed lovely ensuite and all the amenities that all hotel rooms have. However to us it felt like heaven. As we have the most uncomfortable bed ever. And I mean EVER!!! We got washed had a drink or two that we had brought with us and headed for dinner in the restaurant.

We had a good we look through the menu while sipping over another drink, a Guiness for Paul and Malibu and Coke for me. We both ordered the same meal which was like being at a little piece of Disneyworld for the first time. We both had what was called a Chuck Wagon. A fillet steak, stuffed chicken with an onion ring and garlic chips plus peppered sauce. We actually got to eat a hot meal and finish it while it was still hot. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

I remember walking out from dinner and seeing this big Chandler I wanted to take it home. The Canal Court have this beautiful big circle stairway from their front entrance leading up to a bar and restaurant. It was excellency at its finest for a night away!!

The tiredness was starting to kick in so we decided that we needed to get to the hot tub, sauna and steam room before we get too tired. Well for my first hot tub experience it will definitely be one I won’t forget. Sitting on the roof top of the Canal Court in a hot tub in the pouring rain. Absolute perfection!!!!

This is how tired Paul and I were instead of going back to get ready to go out. We went back to the hotel room I got in jammies and we were both in bed by half 8 with a few drinks watching a film. Before nodding off to the best nights sleep we had in a long while in the most amazing bed.

The next morning after waking up and checking on the kids. We went down for breakfast before checking out. The staff were so friendly and helpful and the food was so tasty. I could have done 2 nights there. Maybe next time.

We then went a drive to Paul’s cousins house. Who lives just outside Carlingford. It was her birthday so we called by to day hello and arranged to go out for drinks in there local later on that evening. We went to the B&B called the Walkers Nest. It was lovely and homely my first B&B and experience. It was only used really to put our heads down for the night.

We headed out to the Carlingford Arms for food which was just as scrumptious as ever. This little town is so lovely (Guys you really need to visit when in Ireland). We then headed to the local bar of Paul’s cousin called Lily Finnegan’s this was just the perfect little place for me. One very small bar with 1 room an open fire and a singer in the corner. A little piece of perfection. We drank all night which wasn’t really highly though off the next morning when having to head home early. We clearly didn’t think that one through.


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