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My Weekly Adventures with R&R!!! 😜🙄😯

Monday morning came and so did another 12 hour shift (fml) is what I use to say. But I have to say spending sometime away from the kids makes my time with them that little but better and special. Ruaidhrí was out cold by the time I got home. However, I did get a video chat with him on my lunch break. And Roman was showing me his new bike he got for birthday next week from granny. Roman was still out playing by the time I got home. So I was still able to see him. Instead of a story he wanted to play his 3DS for a bit. And since it’s the summer holidays I bedtime strictness will become I bit leaner. We got chatting after his DS time and told me his favourite part of his day was going to Smyths toy store. Well duh!!! That was a silly question for me to ask. Of course that would be his favourite part.

Tuesday I got up early with the kids. Well I let Roman lie on for a bit as it is the summer. Once everyone had breakfast and was ready we were out of the house for 10am and on our way to Funky Monkey’s soft play area. Oh Goddd!!! I strongly dislike those places unless we are either the first ones or last ones there. I think its mostly just a place were parents come to let their kids go wild and they just sit blatantly ignoring their kids while just staring into their phone for the next hour and a half. Anyways moving on, i brought the two boys to Funky Monkey’s as I was meeting up with a friend who was back from Australia for a few weeks and as I had the boys, she got her nephew and we all went to Funky Monkey’s . However, dipso here forgets her phone and has no way to contact her friend to let her know that we are there haha… I can be a real dipshit sometimes. She did arrive an hour later and I stayed an hour over what I paid for ooopppsss!!!! Ruaidhrí loved it and started to kiss his reflection again and loved climbing all over the play stuff. That was until like I mentioned earlier, parents not giving a shit about what their kids do once they get there. Older kids were running mad and nearly jumping on top of the babies. Roman had a ball with my friends nephew and I did not see him unless it was for drinks.  Once we left and went home the sister in law to be called. Roman was off up to stay with her tonight as they are away for his birthday. So he went to the toy store two days in a row the lucky boy and got to pick a birthday present. He then went back to the sister in laws for  a sleepover. He didn’t even say bye when he left, don’t even think he looked back lol… the little shite!!! Ruaidhrí went to stay with his granny and granda, so Paul and I were kid free. Although, with Ruaidhrí’s recent behaviour we were expecting a phone call. During our free time we went to see my new little niece Baby Ella. OMG she is so beautiful, I just wanted to take her home with me. We also had an appointment with the wedding planner, which went well. Once we got home it was a chinese and bed for us.

No kids and I am still up from 6.30am. Think its just my normal body clock, however when the kids are here I could sleep like there is no tomorrow. So Wednesday, another day off work for me and I have the house cleaned by 9am. Go upstairs to Paul and we get ready to go collect Ruaidhrí from his granny and granda. NO PHONE CALL WAS RECIEVED!!!! Roman went off to  the cinema to watch the new minions film out as part of his birthday gift, with his aunt, uncle and cousins. While he was there Ruaidhrí, Paul and I went out for coffee and lunch. Well the child sure did not have coffee. He’s already a handful. Once Roman got home we went to the hospital to see Baby Ella. The two boys fell asleep in the car so I just went in for 15 minutes to see her. We were going to make a day out of it but by the time them two woke up from their naps, it was way to late in the day to do anything. We went home had dinner and played with the boys. Roman then went out to play with his friends and was out on his old bike. He was embarrassed to go out on his new bike because it had stabiliser’s on it. So Paul got them off and went out with him for 15 minutes to help him find his balance as the new bike is a lot bigger than his old bike. Once he got the hang of it, we didn’t see him for the rest of the night. Until we called him to come a walk round the lake with us to try and get Ruaidhrí to sleep. This boy had no intention on sleeping. he wants out with all the other kids and he just doesn’t know that he is not able too. Anyways two of Roman’s friends came with us on the walk and they had fun driving all their bikes round. Especially as one of them got his stabiliser’s off too.

Thursday was a 12 hour shift in work for me. So the boys were dropped off to their granny that morning and she brought them to Funky Monkey’s. My aunt also brought over my wee niece and nephew as their mum was in having their baby sister. So all the cousins were in Funky Monkey’s and then went back to my mum’s house for a while. I also got a text to say Ruaidhrí cut his first tooth today. So happy that its finally through. Daddy picked the boys up after work and Ruaidhrí played up something shocking I was informed when I got home. He just fought an fought to go to sleep even though he had not slept. I wonder when babies start to get the memo that once they are tired to go to sleep. As they will feel much better afterwards. Paul went to shop when I got home and got all stuff for smokies as Roman away to his Nanny’s for a week. So we had a wee party night.

Ruaidhrí slept muchbetter last night than he has done in a while for the both of us. Once he woke at 5am i gave him a bottle and he went back over until 8am.  We got up and had breakfast and waited for Roman to wake up which was just after 9am. We all played a bit and then granny called in and seen the two boys for a while. Roman then went out with her to run a few errands and came back at 12pm. While Ruaidhrí slept the whole time. Once Ruaidhrí had his lunch we were then off to drop Roman off to his Nanny’s. At least I got a hug and kiss this time a whole week. I hate when he is  gone but its good for him to spend time with his other family and his daddy. I can’t be greedy even though I want to be all the time with him. Ruaidhrí and I then went to pick up Roman’s birthday outfit. We met up with granny and then daddy picked us up. We went home and played trying to get Ruaidhrí to crawl. He get’s up on all fours just doesn’t know to crawl yet.

Saturday morning was spent in work until 2pm. I went to my mum’s to pick the child up and to wait on Paul to pick us up. Ruaidhrí and I were playing on the floor. He got up into all fours and crawled sideways  (crab style 🦀🦀) for like 2 seconds. Once Paul picked us up we went food shopping and birthday present shopping for Roman. During this time Ruaidhrí napped and woke up just as we were heading home. We got dinner on got the child bathed and played with him some more and guess what he crawled yes he did. Check out the post on him crawling you Here Crawling Milestone. I tell you now mummy and daddy were so happy and proud of this little guy. He was shattered once going to bed and out straight away.

Sunday morning was also spent in work until 2pm. Paul and Ruaidhrí picked me up and as soon as we got home the little guy cuddled into me for a nap. Oh how I miss him so much and I am sure gonna lap up as much cuddle naps as I can. As soon enough he won’t want them. Anyways Paul brought him up to bed while we had lunch and once he woke we went to Granny Eileen’s and Granda Paul’s (Paul’s mum and dad’s). Ruaidhrí had a ball playing with all the toys and playing with Granny and Granda. We tried to get him to crawl for them but he just wasn’t having it. However, once he’s home he starts crawling again. I swear this child is so smart for his own good. He knows what he’s up too. We ended our day with Ruaidhrí and I getting a bath together then back downstairs for some more playtime until bedtime.

This week has surely been an eventful week for the little guy. So many milestones reached.


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