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Back to Work!! The End Of My Maternity Leave!!!

I seriously don’t know how I feel about going back to work tomorrow. My Maternity leave has been somewhat eventful since it started.

I had to go on it 3 weeks earlier than planned. So I started my maternity at 33 weeks. My blood pressure and blood count were extremely low so had to be out in bed rest. At the end of 36 weeks I had a bleed and had to spend the night in hospital. Everything was good with the little guy and me.

Fast forward 9 weeks and Ruaidhrí ended up in PICU he nearly died (thank God for the NHS and our healthcare. The doctors in the emergency room saved our son’s life). He got out in Christmas day bit still had to spend  a few more days in hospital. We basically had to split ourselves with the boys over Christmas. 

Over the following months he Ruaidhrí got really sick a few times and we struggled on through it.

I ended up having post natal anxiety at one point it got really bad (Will talk more about that on another post).

During my maternity leave the other half brought me too New York and we got engaged at Central Park. Definitely one of the best moments of my life.

I am not gonna lie Ruaidhrí has been hard work. There are nights and days were I could not stop crying as he just took it all out of me physically, mentally and emotionally. I would not change it for the world. However, I am not going to cover it up and say that my maternity leave was amazing and I don’t want to go back to work.

I am looking forward to go back to work. I am need. I feel like I am starting a new job. I know I am going to miss the kids like crazy but it will be good for our relationship. Getting time to miss them and having some adult conversation and eating a meal in peace is something I am going to look forward too. 

It will (I hope) make me enjoy my time with them even more than what I already do.

My beautiful family. I’m definitely not the same person I was before going on maternity leave. I did not realise how different having to two children would be to just one. However, I am lucky to have them and am grateful everyday for them and I am also so grateful to have a job to go to . So I can provide for my boys.

I will let you know by this time next week how my first week back at the job goes.

Goodbye Maternity Leave… 👋🙋

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12 – What’s in Your Fridge

Haha pointless post but it’s on the list. In my fridge we have:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Yoghurt
  • Fresh cream chocolate roll cake
  • Beer
  • Chicken
  • Ham
  • Mayo
  • Garlic butter
  • Cheese
  • Boost
  • Carbonara 

So that’s what is in my fridge at the moment.

See You Tomorrow 

Andi xx 

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11 – List 15 Of Your Favourite Things 

I am seriously not keeping on top of this… Sorry 😔

  1. Food OMFG I seriously love pizza  I could have it every night if I could.
  2. Going to bed early. (How my life has changed).
  3. Watching movies or catching up on shows with the other half if I haven’t fallen asleep already (95% of the time I always do).
  4. Teen Mom shows I love them and I am not one for reality type tv but I do love this show.
  5. Zoflora I know it’s a cleaning product but the smell of your house once it’s cleaned with it 😸
  6. Going for walks. I could go for walks all the time. Especially in the countryside or by the sea.
  7. Coffee. Could not live without it.
  8. My kertain shampoo and conditioner from the Avon.
  9. Garnier tissue face masks. Best high street face masks you can get in my opinion.
  10. My mum Instagram profile I spend more time on it now than my own one. 
  11. The father’s day pressie I made for Paul. Definitely one of my favourite things I have made. 
  12. Autumn is my favourite season I live the changes of colour and it’s why I chose our wedding to be in Autumn.
  13. Christmas is my all time favourite thing. I just love it. I could have it Christmas all year round.
  14. Dark nights. I love when it gets dark at like 3-4pm and you can pull your curtains and stick the heat on.
  15. Going to the beach. Just hearing the ocean waves.

That’s my list.

See you tomorrow 

Andi xx 

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My Week of Adventures with R&R!!!

This week starts of my last week of maternity leave 😯😣🤗….

Definitely all the emoji emotions I’ll be feeling all week. So let’s start our week off.

I have not been writing in my daily posts each day as to be honest I have been trying to enjoy my last week if maternity leave with the kids.

This week will be a summary of what we have done. The weather has been quite lovely this week. So we have been out walking. Roman has been out on his bike. He has spent some time round in his granny’s playing with his friends and also I have let him stay out until 9pm a few nights this week. Since its nearly end of school for the year and all his friends in the street are playing away outside. It was the right thing to do and he was having a amazing time.

Roman also fell of his bike and scraped his elbow this week. Omg!!! I thought the world had ended and so had he. We got him all cleaned and bandaged up though and off he went back out to play with his friends. He had also scraped his knuckles also and had plasters on top of plasters haha… He was having a bad day he went for a 20 minute nap before going to have a sleepover in granny’s that night.

Ruaidhrí has learned to say Ta Ta for when he wants things which is mostly my phone he says it for. He is in a real clingy stage at the moment and sometimes it’s really hard to stay sane. A family friend offered to take him overnight so Paul and I could go out and have a meal and drinks before I go back to work. Two hours later a phone call comes through and he is back at home. He just wouldn’t settle for them. As soon  as he was home all smiles and straight to sleep he knows what he’s up too.

This week we also made Fathers Day gifts for Paul. I took Paul’s handprint, Roman’s handprint and Ruaidhrí’s all on top of each other in different colours and above it I had scrabble letters and splet out a few words. I also kept an old coffee jar and filled it with loads of wee gums for him too.

To finish our week of we spent the day out with the kids celebrating Father’s Day. We went to the Maritime Fesitival. Roman loved the big boats. Especially the navy ones with the guns on it. He loved getting his face painted. If you follow me on Instagram you can see on my story his dog face paint. We then went home spent the day with the kids and just chilled out. The heat seemed to be getting to Ruaidhrí today and he was getting quite cranky after dinner. He also pulled himself up today and stood up by himself. Bedtime story was tonight was Disney Cars.

See you next week for our adventures.

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10 – What’s Your Best Physical Features

I am not one to point out my best features. I like to hide behind other people and let everyone else get the lime light.

If the other were to pick he said my eyes (they change colour from green to brown) and to back fourth from the two colours and my bum. Sure he’s a guy so bum or boobs would of had to be in there somewhere.

If I were to pick I like my skin. Yes its not perfect so can see pores and wrinkles from looking after two children and all the challenges they bring. However, I do have quite good skin, I try to look after it when I am not to tired to do a face mask or moisturise my body. I had done a previous post A Little Pamper Time on a Budget! and  these are the products that I like to use when I get the chance. I have actually added a few new things to my cleansing routine. Another post will be added on the to do list posts and I will get round to it sometime.

See you tomorrow.

Andi xx


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My Week Of Adventures with R&R

This week was a tough week with the kids, especially Ruaidhrí. The child has had one tough hard week with his teething and lack of sleep because of it.

Monday morning the other half and I were both exhausted Ruaidhrí had a bad night and in turn so did we. However, once Roman came downstairs for breakfast before he left for school he was all laughs and giggles. Roman was picked up from school by Granny and Granda. Which he sure did love. They went out for lunch and he came home with new toys. What child wouldn’t love coming home with new toys. While Ruaidhrí had his nap I gutted out Roman’s. One hour later and five bags full of broken toys ready to go to the dump. Once Ruaidhrí woke up from his nap we got our stuff together and went round to Granny and Granda’s  to pick up Roman. We stayed for a while and spent some quality time with the grandparents before heading home. Once we were home Roman kept Ruaidhrí entertained trying to keep his wee mind of his teeth while I got dinner ready. I cannot praise Roman enough he his the best big brother ever. Always wanting to do whatever he can to help Ruaidhrí when he is upset. The boys then got their bath after dinner. While I got Ruaidhrí ready for bed, Roman was allowed to play his Nintendo 3DS. Once the bay was settled and sleeping it was time to go over Roman’s writing skills. We practiced our B’s and D’s. For only being four years of age he has very good handwriting. We watched a bit of Ninjago after then it was bedtime. Our bedtime story was Ninjago of course.IMG_20170611_103743

Tuesday morning was the same as Monday. The child up all night then awake for the day from 5am. Breakfast was not as easy as yesterday morning, it was hard to get Ruaidhrí to eat or drink a bottle of milk because of his wee gums. (These teeth better hurry up and come, it’s so hard too see your child suffer in pain and you have done all you can to help). Our car was off getting fixed from yesterday morning. So auntie Maura came and picked up Roman for school. He loved this as he go to go to school with his cousins. She also picked him up. I had a few arts and crafts activities planned for us in the afternoon. Roman had other plans. It was a nice dry day outside so he went outside and played on his bike with his friends. This actually worked out better as Ruaidhrí cried all afternoon with his teeth, so arts and crafts would have been cancelled. Roman came in just before dinner time and was pushing boundaries, by not doing what he was told and answering back. Three warnings were given and he still disobeyed. He was sent to his bedroom for to wait for me to come and talk to him, once I got his brother out of the bathed and dressed. I sat down with him and explained to him why he as sent to his room. He then apologised and we went downstairs to practice our alphabet. Our bedtime story was Pokemon.

Wednesday morning seems like our mornings are going to be the same for the foreseeable future. Our nights and mornings are hard with Ruaidhrí. We are just sleep deprived while he is sleep deprived and in pain. I wish we could take it away from him. Roman was excited to get out to school as he knew that his cousins were coming after school to play for a while and that we were minding a family friend’s two children also. Ruaidhrí had a really good nap Wednesday morning. It was a two hour one and he woke up in great form. He ate some lunch (result!!) and then the crying started all over again. The sister in law arrived with the kids and I did not see head nor tail of Roman for hours. We just sat with the two kids Ruaidhrí and Sé (who is 10 weeks old). I made a big pot of stew for dinner and its safe to say everyone enjoyed it, especially Ruaidhrí. The sister in law and the kids went home. Which left me and the two boys, along with the family friend’s two children who are 12 and 10. The oldest (my first Godchild) done jigsaw puzzles with Roman before they got picked up at 9pm. Our bedtime story was Shaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch.20170601_124145

Thursday morning, what can I say ? I think you all know… At this moment in time I think Ruaidhrí is descended from a Banshee. It’s actually to the point were I am on the brink of a breakdown. There is only so much crying you can take when you so sleep deprived and it really does get to you. Even the child is constantly tired as he is not getting long enough naps due to the pain he is in Paul went and picked Roman up from school while I tried to get Ruaidhrí’s bag packed so we could go give Uncle Deedee is birthday cards. This little task even proved difficult as Ruaidhrí was just crying out in pain. We finally got don to give Uncle Deedee is birthday cards and Roman joined him and his big cousin Odhrán, Granny and Uncle Anthony for Deedee’s birthday lunch. During this time I walked the streets the heavy and I mean HEAVY rain, as this seemed to be the only way to keep Ruaidhrí calm and get him to have a good nap. However, once the pram stopped his eyes pinged open like saucers. Paul came in with a bunch of beautiful flowers for me and thanked me for all the hard work I do in looking after the kids and him. I thought I was going to cry (only our residential Banshee beat me to it haha)… Once we got Ruaidhrí to bed Roman practiced his handwriting skill again before bed. This time he was practicing words that began with B and D. Our bedtime story was Disney’s Up.

Friday morning came and even being on my sixth cup of coffee before 7am still did not make a difference to the tiredness I was feeling. Not just me though Paul also, this little man of ours is taking it out of us. How we have not butted heads yet is beyond me. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, which I think it won’t as we both respect each other and know when one is having a tough time and the other just steps in and takes over. Did I say I love this man because I do, there is definitely no one else I would rather go through this thing we called parenthood with. Roman’s school BBQ was today and all I had was the pitter patter of tiny feet coming down the stairs at 5.40am. I was astounded to say this least. trying to get this boy up for school or even in the mornings at all is a complete and utter nightmare. (To recall i went in at 7.30am on Christmas morning to get him up and his reply, I’ll be down when i’m ready to come down. Any other child would have been up from the crack of dawn. But no, not my Roman.) Anyways, back to our Friday. I explained to Roman that it was still really early and that he had to go back to bed, however the bright mornings weren’t helping me any. He finally succumbed and went back to bed for another hour and a half. He got up and was excited to see Ruaidhrí, and Ruaidhrí him. By this point he was in a much better mood than what he was during the night and in the early morning. Roman never ate his breakfast so quick and got ready for school. he knew it was school BBQ day and he just could not wait to get into school. It was seaside themed, so he got to wear shorts and t-shirt into school. The BB was real fun, they had bouncy castles, ice cream trucks, games, soak the teachers stalls and much more. I didn’t want to leave never mind the ice. Once that was over Roman had to be dropped over to his Nanny to spend the weekend with his daddy. On our way however, Ruaidhrí decides that he is going to have a nappy explosion that ended up covering him from head to toe. So we had to stop of at Granny Eileen’s to get him changed and a clean set of clothes on him. Roman was then dropped of to his Nanny, while Ruaidhrí and I went home to wait on daddy coming in from work. We played games for a bit then mummy got stuck into making dinner. Ruaidhrí tried broccoli trees for the first time and loved them. When daddy got in from work for at least 15 minutes are little Banshee disappeared and we had this happy laughing baby on the floor. all we could do was laugh along with him.IMG_20170607_074106

Saturday morning you would think that we would be use the sleeping and crying situation but we aren’t. If you had one or the other then I think that it would be possible to get use to it. However both?? It might take a lot longer. Ruaidhrí and I went to the shopping centre to get some food shopping and were surprised my a friend who we thought was in Australia. She came home with her partner to surprise everyone and that she sure did. She left for Australia two months before Ruaidhrí was born, so it was her first time meeting him. It was such a lovely surprise that i think it had a knock on effect on Ruaidhrí, as his crying was not at all like a Banshee today. We also are trying out a new bedtime routine for him. We are letting him have a late afternoon nap from about 4.30pm and getting him up about 6.30pm. He gets dinner, bath and then playtime until 8.30pm. He went down so easily so just lets see how tonight plays out.

Sunday morning I got my first lie in of the week. YAYYYY!!!!! However, last nights new bed time routine went well for it’s first night. Ruaidhrí just got up once during the night. So from 8.30pm last night to 3am this morning. He woke up for a feed and then went back down to 5am, that was daddy’s cue to get up. I don’t know what it is about these 5am starts to the day however, we did make some changes to his room today in hopes that they would make a difference to his new sleep routine. We got darker curtains for the room, in hopes that they will block out all the morning light getting in. We lowered his bed so the room is that bit more darker. (It was due to be lowered anyways so two birds one stone and all that). Fingers crossed for us tonight guys. Roman came home from his dad’s this morning and we were all excited to see him especially Ruaidhrí. This child is going to be in awe of his big brother for a long time. We got home and played some games. The weather did not know what to be at today. It rained for most of it, although still quite clammy. We had a go at Donkey Kong for the Wii, was a lot harder than it looks. Once we all had dinner we went out for a family walk as the weather had cleared up by then. Roman had taken his bike and we all enjoyed walking around the local lake. Ruaidhrí went to bed when we got in and Sunday night is for Roman to do whatever he like be that playing game consoles, playing with toys or has he has chosen tonight YouTube. Yep he’s watching Minecraft Songs.20170611_151252

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9 – What Are Your Worse Habits 

My worse habits…. Oh God I have quite a few!!

  1. Not using the kitchen drained  (does other halfs head in)
  2. Getting all laundry done, bringing it up the stairs and leaving it on the bed.
  3. Forgetting stuff all the time
  4. Getting tired and just not wanting to do anything.

The list could go on for days haha… So just going to leave it there.

See you tomorrow.

Andi xx 

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8 – What’s in your Handbag 

Sorry for not posting Day 8 two days at. We have one very upset teething baby. Now I am back let’s get cracking with Day 8.

Handbag? What Handbag? I don’t think I have seen one of them in 7 months haha…

At the moment I am just using Ruaidhrí’s baby bag. Basically it’s because I seriously do not want to carry around an extra bag. Especially since a 7 month olds baby bag is quite packed out when you got to leave the house.

Currently in it I have nappies, wipes, teething powders, bonjeala, Calpol, Nurofen, milk powder dispenser, keys, purse, toys, markers, tissues, vasline, wotsits, notebook and pen.

See you tomorrow.

Andi xx

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My Week of Adventures with R&R!!

Monday was bank holiday it was taking and very dull weather wise. So the four us of stayed indoors and played after we went for McD’s. Daddy and Roman played Minecraft while I chill out we with Ruaidhrí for the day. He started to move backwards while on tummy time.

Tuesday, Roman was still of school for the holidays. He lay in until near 10. Oh how I miss those days. We played some more in the house while daddy went to work.  Roman learnt to ride his bike. So we sat out the front while he showed us all of his new tricks he had learnt. And yea he has been trying to the no hand trick and giving me a bloody heart attack each time. The kids and I then went to the park for a while before Romans swim lesson and Ruaidhrí joined him also. We were daddy’s swim lesson of the day. When we got home Roman showed daddy his new tricks. While Ruaidhrí and I  (Well me) made dinner. It was a school night so back to bed at 8pm. 

Wednesday morning with the school run was quite difficult for Roman you could tell. He just is not a morning person and 4 days with a lie in just messed up his wee body clock come today and getting up at 7am was a big shock to his system. We were out all morning with the child running errands and daddy didn’t start work until 4. So we had a nice afternoon having lunch together after Roman finishes school. Roman and I made a card for our friend for our birthday. His writing is getting so much better. We then took a walk to granny and granda’s. Before we got there we took a walk around the lake out their back. As Roman had his bike. Then he ditched me and Ruaidhrí as all his wee friends were in their granny’s too. We got home had tickle fights, daddy finished early and we all sat down as a family for dinner (very rarely happens just the four if us). Daddy and Roman played Minecraft before bedtime.

Thursday morning was so much easier getting Roman up. As Ruaidhrí had went down for his first morning map 30 mins before Roman had to get up. Oh how it brought back just getting one kid ready in the morning. As I have said before Roman is a fussy eater and trying to get him to eat breakfast is a challenge in itself. He asked for potato bread and ate it. Shock horror for me. However, I did enjoy getting to spend the morning just him. And Ruaidhrí got me all to himself as well once he woke up from his nap. 

Friday we had an early start sure what’s new. Especially with Ruaidhrí in the house. All Ruaidhrí and Roman done this morning at breakfast was laugh the both of them non stop. In turn this had me giggling quite a bit. Roman got dropped of to school and granny came to visit. After school Roman got dropped off to his daddy for the weekend. And the three of us went home. We were able to get a bit of lunch together before Paul had to rush out to work. Once we had lunch, Ruaidhrí and I had went down to great Granda Toner’s and spending the afternoon with him. Once we got home we played on the floor for a few hours. He’s slowly but surely enjoying tummy time. He will be off exploring in no time.

Saturday and Roman is off staying in his dad’s until tomorrow. It’s my morning for a sleep in and in still awake from 7. Although guess that’s better than 5am. Ruaidhrí and I walked it into the city centre, well he got pushed. We met up with my two friends for a few hours. Then my cousin came and picked us up and brought us home. Once home me and the little guy lied on the floor and played games together. We sent daddy a few pictures and videos telling him to hurry home. Once daddy came back we all had dinner pizza and he loved it. 

Sunday we picked Roman up from his daddy. We went straight home as the weather was horrible all day. We had a games day. We got the Wii downstairs and the ps4 and played all day. We had a few goes at Wii sports, Mario and then played Lego dimensions for abit. Roman loved the game day. Ruaidhrí had a bad teething day yesterday. So daddy and I alternated with Ruaidhrí while it was each other’s turn. We also all had a Sunday roast dinner together. Probably our only guaranteed day for a dinner together. That is until I go back to work in two weeks 😢😢. We ended our day watching The Goonies, which Roman absolutely loved.
Sorry the post was 2 days late. Have a very upset teething baby at the moment. 

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7 – Your Pet Hates 

I think I may have a few pet hates. However, none come to mind while trying to think of them. I am initially a laid back person so not that many things annoy me.

APART from water being left in the mop bucket after it being used. Aaahhhh!!! It annoys me so much. Haha

Oh and when your kids do not do what they are told first time round. More like the 10th. Just listen to me child!! ☺☺☺

See You Tomorrow 

Andi xx