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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4 – What Are You Afraid Off

What am I not afraid of us more the question hahaha….

I have ALWAYS been afraid of spiders but as I have gotten older and have children I try to act all cool round them when daddy is away. As if I don’t get the spider no one will.

Most of all and this has been my latest fear as it has only just came about over the last year. My anxiety, sometimes I feel that I can’t leave the house I fear that something will always happen to the kids. I make up scenarios in my head on what could happen. I then try ways to prevent these scenarios from happening.

I afraid of always letting people down with the decisions I make. As I have got older I have become less socialabe and enjoy the time I get on my own as you don’t really get much with children. 

Lastly I  am afraid of not being able to provide for my children and family. Definitely one of the biggest things I am afraid off.

See You Tomorrow 

Andi xx

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3 – Your Favourite Quote

I love quotes. I love reading them. However, I guess my favourite quote changes from time to time. Depends what part of my life I am in and what I am going through.

At the moment mines in

“Without rain nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms in your life.”

Life is a bit hard at the moment and I know I just got to ride out. Money isn’t everything you need to make you happy I learn that everyday from the kids. Just having enough though to get through is all I need. It doesn’t bother me that I won’t be able to do anything for a while. It just means more time with the babies.

See you tomorrow

Andi xxx

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My Week Of Adventures with R&R!!

Our week started of with no car last week. The engine blew on our way back from the Butterfly House on Sunday. (Will do a separate write up). We had to be rescued by the father in law and get the car brought home on a recovery truck.

Last week was amazing weather here in Belfast which was perfect as Roman had to walk up and down from school all week due to there being no car. It’s a good 45 minute walk for his wee short legs. He did not complain once he just got on with it.

Roman had a sleep over in his granny’s on Monday and for to stay out and play with his friends who were up staying in their granny’s. He had a blast. Ruaidhrí has been quite tough recently. His teething was seriously getting out of hand. Keep telling myself it will be over soon.

On Tuesday after school we went back to granny’s so he could play some more. Roman brought his bike round and we went a walk. He cycled round the lake while I pushed Ruaidhrí in the pram. The boys had their first bath together and Roman read Ruaidhrí his bedtime story.

Wednesday we were back at granny’s also. She lives beside a lake and it’s perfect to bring the kids. They can round about, feed ducks and the kids have so much friends round there. Plus it got us out of the house in the good weather.

Thursday granny surprised the kids with a padding pool. An inflatable game of snakes and ladders. It was 27°c and just what they need. My cousin and her 2 children came up. They are the same age and they had an absolute blast that day. I got in the pool with Ruaidhrí for 15 mins. That child will be a fish just like his daddy. He loved it was so good. The others were in and out of the pool all day. Safe to say the kids were all shattered by bedtime and Roman told me it was the most fun day he ever had in his life. Guess that was a grandparent win there. Oh and our new car arrived meaning Roman did not have to walk to school in the morning.  

Friday was Romans sports day. His very first one and he done amazing. I was so proud of him. They had 5 races to do. And he smashed everyone of them. Paul done the parent race and fell at the starting line. Hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing.  While Ruaidhrí sat on the grass trying to eat it. (No surprise there!) After the sports day Roman went to his Nanny’s for the weekend.  I went to get Ruaidhrí new clothes as the little chunk is just gettung so big 9-12 month clothing and he’s only 6 month. I then went to my mum’s for a while then we walked it to my granda’s. Ruaidhrí slept the whole time. He actually had a 3 hour nap and woke up half way down to his other granny’s. With the weather being so good I walked it everywhere. We met daddy there had our dinner which was beautiful. We then went for a on the North Down Coastal route. It was stunning so breathtaking cant wait to bring roman next time. ( Seperate post on this to come also).

Saturday was a chill out day for us well me and Ruaidhrí in the evening we had a good family friends surprise 40th. We stayed for a bit has Ruaidhrí had to come with us but then it was home and straight to bed for him. He slept from 8pm to 5am. Couldn’t believe it what a shock. Then he had a bottle and back down to after 6. Fingers crossed this is the start of him sleeping through.

Sunday was the nephew and my Godson’s christening baby Sé. We had a great time the kids loved it. Didn’t see Roman unless he came over for a drink. The kids got dropped of with Granny and Granda for the night and we went on out to celebrate. Paying for it today though.

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me

Nearly totally forgot about this and I am only on Day 2. Head like a sieve i think thsts what you call it. Still can blame it in the baby brain 😝

So here we go:

  1. My favourite colour is green. Emerald green to be exact. 
  2. I love the autumn and the dark nights. Something about that season makes me so happy. 
  3. I am a really Christmas freak and start organising for Christmas and buying stuff from the 1st of January. I would have my tree up all year round if I could.
  4. I have post natal anexity. I worry about everything even things that I don’t need to be worrying over. Slowly but surely I learning to let be.
  5. I love Disney. What girl doesn’t right?
  6. I love to have a wee dance with my coffee in the mornings. Before getting the boys their breakfast.
  7. I am slowly becoming a non heel kinda girl. The older I get it’s only the comfort I am looking for.
  8. I am a massive teen mom fan. Love the shows.
  9. I get more excited about family days than days out to the pub. (Doesn’t stop me from having a few in the house tho).
  10. I have had my ears pierced twice, my upper ear, tragus, nose, tongue and belly button. I now only have my ears pierced (1 set) and tragus.
  11. I have 2 tattoos. Both which I regret. To young and stupid. Not tgat I have anything against tattoos. I love them but just wish I waited until I was older for them to mean something.
  12. I want another 2 babies. However if the next one is a girl. That might be me done. Just got to wait and see.
  13. There is nothing like cheesy pop music to get you into a good mood Steps, S Club 7, Westlife, Spice Girls, Aqua  to name a few.
  14. I literally can’t wait to climb into bed every night. 
  15. I still have my pink converse since I was 16 (12 years ago) and they still in perfect condition.
  16. I am super excited to be getting married to my partner in crime in 2019.
  17. I am an obsessive photo taker.
  18. I love doing crafts with the kids and if I can try to make a gift personal from doing craft work.
  19. I love and believe in all things spiritual. And learning about many different beliefs.
  20. I love angels.

There is 20 Facts About Me. It was actually harder than what I thought it would have been.

See you tomorrow.

Andi xx

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31 Day Blog Challenge – Introduction and recent photo 

Hi Everyone, 

So I am attempting the 31 day blog challenge. I haven’t really had a moment to blog recently. As the little guy has been keeping me busy.

So about myself… I am a mum of two beautiful boys a lovely sensitive four year old and a boisterous 6 month old who is my live wire. I am currently still on maternity leave and due to go back to work in 3 weeks.

I am engaged to one of the most amazing men I know. We are getting married October 2019. Excited 🤗.

I have been blogging from September 2016 just after I went on maternity leave. I have really enjoyed it but recently have barely had the time to scratch my own are never mind write a blog post. 😋🤣

So let’s get back into it with the blog challenge.

This was taken for the post nothing more recent than the moment your in. The baby just went down for his morning nap at 7.30am.

See you tomorrow for our next challenge.



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Spring Crafts 🌻🌹🌼🐝🐞🦋

Over the last 2 weeks of good weather here in the north of Ireland. We were able to get get stuck into a few spring crafts and work on our spring to do list.

We made butterfly feeders, bird feeders and planted flowers in our painted plant pots.

For the butterfly feeder: 🦋🦋🦋

  1. You need lollipop sticks (popsicles).
  2. String
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Cellotape ( sticky tape)

You firstly line 12 sticks beside each other. You then get another stick and use the glue gun to set the other 12 in place. You need to sticks at each end. You then get two pieces of string. Get both ends of the two ends of string and tie a knot in the top. Then secure the string round the butterfly feeder by using cellotape at the bottom.

The bird feeder:🕊🦅

  1. Plastic bottles
  2. String
  3. Lollipop stick
  4. Paint 
  5. Bird food
  6. Scissors or Stanley knife (only to be done by adults)

We first started building the bird feeder out of lollipop sticks which looks awesome. We ran out off glue sticks for the glue gun and can’t go d the size we need to buy. As Roman was getting frustrated on waiting as he is really looking forward to seeing the birds and butterflies in our garden we moved on to other material. We had a few juice bottles left over so instead of recycling them as we usually do. We upcycled them.
Firstly you need to cut a hole in front of bottle big enough for birds to pick up the food.  You also need a slit to put lollipop stick into

Secondly paint your bottle let it dry. It might need a few extra coats. Once dried get the paint out again to paint pictures on it.

While waiting on the paint to dry put a hole in the bottle lid then insert the string so it can hang.

Once dried, insert lollipop stick so birds have a place to sit.  And lastly fill with bird food, hang up and wait for the birds to enjoy.

(Trying to paint on plastic bottles is a bit tricky. Paint may not stay so will need layers )

Planting Flowers and Painting Plant Pots:🌺🌻🌼🌹🌸🥀

  1. Terracotta plant pots (best to paint on)
  2. Paint and brushes
  3. Compose 
  4. Flower seeds

My oldest son loves this. We are going to add a plant pot each year. And when Ruaidhrí is older he will join in. 

This is always a fun activity for the kids ad they live getting their hands dirty. You basically let the kids paint away at their plant pot. Once dried add the compose and seeds and water them. And watch the flowers grow.