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Cold and Flu Remedies for my Little Ones!

So lately well over the last 5 months my household has been full of sickness. Since Ruaidhrí went into intense care over Christmas, the poor wee mite has had a rough time of it. He catches everything going, my heart goes out to my little guy as he just battles on through with the biggest smile.

It’s hard when your little one is sick as there is only so much you can do to help them. Especially the young ones. Roman on the other hand. That boy never gets sick at all expect from the sniffles. Somebody needs to test this boys DNA or bloods or something. As his immune system is the best I have ever seen.

When it comes to sickness and the boys getting the cold I have learnt a few things over my nearly 5 years of being a mum. 

ALWAYS, always I have in my cupboard..

  •  Capol and Nurofen in the cupboard just for the fever and the pain they might get well mostly Ruaidhrí from coughing. One can be given a half hour after the other.
  •  Snuffle Babe Vapor Rub can be used on babies from 3 months onwards. I put it on their chests throughout the day and night. I also apply to the soles of their feet at night with a pair of cotton socks over the too. It helps ease the cough a bit throughout the night. Cam also work on adults too with Vicks Vapor Rub or any other Vapor Rub.
  • Steam is a really good way to help loosen up all the phlegm in the chest and nose. This makes it easier for them to get up. Plus most babies are mesmerised by running water and it relaxes them. However, older kids may find this boring and hard to do. All I do is turn on the hot water in the bath and shower, close bathroom window and door. I let the hot water do it’s work come back 15 minutes to our own steam room.
  • Honey is great for coughs. Honey is actually good for a lot of things. But for colds and flus honey is great for easing a cough and sore throat. Warning honey is not to be given to anyone under the age of 1.
  • I also use a nasal aspirator. Currently using a Nuby one. This gets used whenever Ruaidhrí’s nose is blocked up. They are really quite handy to have.

These are the remedies I go by. However, if anyone has any other home remedies that helps ease the symptoms of colds and flus in babies and children. Please Share!

I would love to hear as little Ruaidhrí currently fighting of his 6 flu since he was born. Although I am thankful the 5 that have followed since his first cold have not been as serious and life threatening as the first one.

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My Week of Adventures with R&R!

A day late but I got a sick baby at home too look after plus I was unwell too. 

Last week was an amazing week. I did not want it to end. It was the Easter holidays Roman off the whole week. So we decided to go to the caravan from Easter Sunday right through until Thursday. As mentioned in my last post. Roman was invited to go down with Granny Eileen and Great Granny Eileen, along with Aaron and Abbie. Paul invited us along.

Easter Sunday we were the first ones there. We had dinner in my mum and dad’s first with the two boys so they get to see them over Easter. Once Aaron, Abbie and Sophia arrived I did not see Roman. Cone to think of it I barely seen him from Sunday to Thursday. Only at meal times and bedtime. Which was brilliant the kids need that good clean country air about them. His wee cheeks were rosey red the whole time at the caravan.

During our time away we went to the park with all the kids. Spent time at the beach, had an Easter egg hunt and egg and spoon race on the beach. Went hunting for crabs, collected shell’s, went to a big soft play area, to the unfair and on some lovely walks. During all the time in between the kids went off round the caravan park building bases, playing football, tag, Minecraft the boys played Pokemon and of course you can’t go to a caravan without having a go at the colouring in book.

Paul got sick on Easter Saturday so he was real ill during the first few days of the holiday. Ruaidhrí was loving all the attention he was getting especially with 5 adults there to look after him. The child was loving all the fresh country sea air. It knocked him out the 2nd night. I kept waking up to check to see if he was ok. As we were not use to him sleeping during the night. Well we should have made the most of it as the wee shite (angel) as not slept like it since.

We came home Thursday and went to see granny and granda. I would have stayed down longer but Roman goes to his daddy’s on the weekend. Granny and Granda were so happy to see the kids. However, Ruaidhrí caught whatever Paul had and ended up being sick himself. Poor wee man is still sick. 

Friday Roman got dropped off to his nanny and Ruaidhrí and I went to daddy’s work yo meet him. The three of us went home and just relaxed.

Saturday I was up early as there is no other way with Ruaidhrí and we went out. Called over into my work to see everybody and see who’s new and what has changed since being of on maternity leave. I miss work looking forward to going back but at the same time will dread leaving the boys as have been off so long.

Sunday we picked up Roman. Went to get  McDonald’s and we all went home to watch the United match. Well I pottered about.  We then took if Roman’s stabiliser’s on his back to teach him how to ride without. The rain started so it got cancelled. Although more on that next week. We finally set up Roman’s inflatable boxing stuff he and daddy surley dud enjoy beating eachother up.

Always had time for his wee bro at the caravan.

My world.

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My Week of Adventures with R&R!

Another week another lot of Adventures 😁

So Monday has arrived once again. And like nearly every other Monday is the dreaded school run. Saying that it’s Paul that drops Roman to school. However, when I have to leave with them the morning. Sometimes it’s gets a little stressful and manic trying to get out the door on time, while making sure everyone is properly dressed and fed and washed. High five to me all was managed this morning. Probably because I had been up from 6am. Roman got up at 7 this morning and let me tell you this boy is hard to get up. I couldn’t even get him up on Christmas morning. Yes Christmas morning he told me he would get up when he’s ready. Anyways moving on Roman went to school with his hard boiled egg him and Paul painted and cracked last night for Easter this week at school. After that we had an appointment with a hotel to look at for a possible wedding venue. Ruaidhrí was as good as gold. You would never have thought he was there. Once we got Roman from school we dropped both kids of to granny’s so we could go and get all our Easter egg shopping done. Ruaidhrí was still sleeping when I got back. So Roman and I played Lego. Went on She’s trampoline. He showed me his tricks and also showed me his bottle flips. (HE CHEATS!!) Ruaidhrí finally woke up and we had some tummy time after his feed before daddy came to pick us up. We then went home enjoyed dinner together. Very rarely we have dinner the four of us as Paul usually works at night and kids are in bed most times when he gets home. So tonight was special.

Tuesday we all had breakfast together. Ruaidhrí had pancakes for the first time which he loved and also gummed a bit of my bacon. We all dropped Roman off to school and then Ruaidhrí, daddy and I went to visit Great Granny Kathleen as it’s her 75th birthday today. In the afternoon the two boys and I went to the park. Roman took Ruaidhrí down the slide with him (with me holding onto both of them of course). Both had some fun in the swings. However, Ruaidhrí was to interested in watching the pigeons and then Roman had more fun chasing them than playing in the park. After the park it was time for the boys to go swimming with daddy (He’s a swimming teacher) as it was Ruaidhrí’s first time in the pool the whole lesson was play time. Roman loved this and Ruaidhrí’s first time in a swimming pool was successful. Although the 20 mins sure did tire him out he was out cold by the time his brother got out. Roman kept showing me how he could swim under water and all the tricks he could do. He went to granny’s for dinner while Ruaidhrí and I went home and had ours. We then relax and watched nursery rhymes until Roman came home for bedtime.

 Wednesday morning was like being at a cattle market. The two boys were full of beans and ready for what the day threw at us. Me on the other hand I was like an injured animal thrown to the Vulters waiting for them to come at me with all they got. By 9am and like 5 cups of coffee I was ready to rock with the two boys. Wednesday was our day to go into town and finish clothes shopping for Easter. My mum went with us and granda met us in town. Being in the city centre with two kids is difficult, especially when the 4 year old is asking every 5 minutes are we done yet. Two hours later we were done and I could not wait to leave the town. Roman stayed with granny and granda as today was the start of the Easter holidays. While Ruaidhrí and I kicked back at home with daddy. 

Thursday was an early start. Who am I kidding every day is an early start with a baby. Ruaidhrí and I had a lovely quiet breakfast of toast, banana and pear then we went to pick up big brother from granny and granda’s. Unfortunately big brother had disappeared and Wolverine had taken his place. So somewhere out there is my little guy in another world having fun (so he says) so from that moment onwards Roman is to be called Wolverine. I’m sure it sounded so weird to everyone else calling out Wolverine on the bus. The fact that he answered ‘Yes Mummy’ im sure they were waiting for me to blurt out Super Baby for Ruaidhrí. So Roman went to his dad’s for a few days and is back Easter Sunday morning. Meanwhile, Ruaidhrí and I walked it from the city centre back home which is about 5 miles. Once this week and once last week. I feel like a superhero never mind the kids. Ruaidhrí loves being in the pram as he is so nosey.  So a good few hours out in the fresh air done him good for his nights sleep. (Yeh right! Who am I kidding!!)

Friday 5am start boy this child sure does love his sleep. Anyways the morning has been fairly quiet. Playing with toys, playing peekaboo, listening to nursery rhymes and fighting with this little monster/angel to try and have a nap. Finally succeeded after an hour rocking on the rocking chair. That’s one part successful it’s just the other part were you have to act like a ninja master in putting him into his cot, as quiet and as easily as you can and making sure you use your ninja moves to get out of the room. That is until the clutz that I am steps on the same squeaky floorboards as I normally do and start the process all over again. And it’s only 9.30am by this point.

Saturday 5am start again I think Ruaidhrí likes to get us up at this time. Anyways we let daddy lie on today and we had breakfast together had a little sing song. Well I sang to him the song that was playing on the radio and done a little dance which made him giggle. We got ready and were out the door for 8.15am for a 3 hour walk. He slept for a good bit. Got home about 11.30am and seen daddy before he went to work. Ruaidhrí then decided it was time for another nap a 3 hour nap. (Where has this child came from as mine’s never sleeps like this). Woke up just as daddy got into work. We then went to Oxford Island at Lough Neagh. Picked up Auntie Mimi on the way and had a walk. It was beautiful and Ruaidhrí ate a fly. (Accidentally as it flew into his mouth). The little man was shattered by the time we got home. It was dinner, bath and bed. Oh and he’s so close to saying Dada. We are getting there another week or so of saying it to him and he will have it. Roman is still at his daddy’s. We are off to pick him up in the morning. I’m so excited I always miss him loads when he’s gone.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we are off to the caravan. There is 10 of us. Well we invited ourselves. Roman was invited to go down with Granny Eileen as Aaron and Abbie going. However, Paul put us on the guestlist too. So tomorrow’s antics will be up with next week’s.

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Ruaidhrí will be six months in just over a week. However, he has been weaned from 10 weeks. This boy was just ready for the spoon there was no filling him whatsoever and having a full bottle every hour was just well to say a nuisance.

So we started on puree foods. Ella’s Kitchen baby foods is what I bought first. He loved them especially the carrots however he ate them at room temperature. He didn’t like warm food. To be honest he did eat them a little warm at first and stopped eating his vegetable purees. It took me over a week to realise why but now that was figured out he was back to eating normally. 

First time trying carrots.

Now from 5 months I have being doing half and half of spoon weaning and baby led weaning. Ruaidhrí is loving eating on his own, Damn do you worry though. Every gummy mouth chew you watch with eagle eyes, just incase he chokes. 

I have tried him out with toast fingers, toasted pancake fingers, banana, pear, avocado, boiled carrot fingers and a piece of boiled chicken cut into a finger sized piece.

While out and about in the pram  I got the organix carrot stick crisp from Boots and the Apple rice cakes. These help with with his hand to mouth coordination.

Ruaidhrí still has spoon feeds, for example his porridge, mash potatoes and gravy, stew and yoghurts.

His gummy chews on banana 

Not too sure how he felt about the avocado.

Highchair: Got from Ikea called the Antilop. Cheap at £13, hardware and easy to clean. The cushion was an extra £6.

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My Week of Adventures with R&R!

I really should write down what I have done each day. It takes me a while to remember what I have done with the boys during the week.

Monday we collected the boys from their overnight babysitter as mum and dad went out to celebrate baby Ruaidhrí’s christening. (Yep I was one if the last to leave the bar and nearly got locked in). We had a nice chilled day on Monday and we done whatever it was what Roman wanted to do. So it was Minecraft and movies with a takeaway. He gets kebab meet and calls it zombie flesh. Pretends that he is Steve out of Minecraft. I love his imagination. Ruaidhrí also had a great night with Eve who had both boys overnight. Slept the whole night for her. Poor child was knackered the day before everybody wanting to see him on his christening.

Tuesday came a Roma at school. We played with Ruaidhrí keeping him entertained and got some cleaning done. Came across Romans old Thomas track (saying this he has not played with trains in a long time now he’s never away from it). We played trains and Roman and I showed Ruaidhrí all the different trains and who they were. We also got Ruaidhrí his high chair  (big moment) and a sit in walker (which keeps him occupied for a few moments). However once he’s able to move he will love it. 

Wednesday Paul had an an accepted day if work. Roman ditched me for his friends all day Wednesday fair enough the child does have the right to go and play with his friends. However, it does suck that they don’t need you as much anymore. I remember the times he would not leave me alone. We would go in the forest and hunt for dinosaurs by the river. Anyways Ruaidhrí decided that he was gonna be needy and need all of our attention that day. Granny came to see us. Brought us our dinner. Ruaidhrí had his first bowl of Irish stew which he loved, full blown tantrum was thrown straught after dinner because there was none left. I left daddy that night to do baths and bedtime. I went too Olly Murs in concert with my mum, cousin and friend.

Thursday was a lovely day weather wise. Ruaidhrí slept during the morning which has been unusual for him lately. So I got all my cleaning done. Paul went to collect Roman from school and we had lunch together before he went to work. After that I took the boys round to granny and granda’s. Roman ran on in front once we crossed the road. He usually hides and jumps out. However half way to granny’s  (Not even a 10 min walk) he still hasn’t jumped out. I start to panic phone my mum, the little shite ran on round to hers. I was slowly going into heart failure. So had a stern talk with him when I got to granny’s. We played with Lego made up all different inventions and waited for granda to get in. (Roman is a granda’s boy and you can slowly see Ruaidhrí becoming one too). Granda played with the boys for a bit, before we headed up to aunty Maura’s for Roman to play with his cousins for an hour and for me to get some cuddles of baby Sè (only just two weeks old when I wrote this) even though I have a 5 1/2 month old you do forget how small they are. It was home time for dinner, bath and bed.

Friday Roman goes to his daddy’s so I dropped him to his nanny after school. After I walked it the 5 miles home with Ruaidhrí in his pram as the weather was so good. Half way we stopped at the shopping centre for both of us to get fed and watered, Ruaidhrí changed and me go to the bathroom. This is when Ruaidhrí decides he is gonna reach over and suck on my chicken and bacon toastie. Haha. I let gum it for as long as he wanted. After that we got our walking shoes on, stopped off at  Great Granda Toners for a while then up to Granda Johnston’s before heading home for dinner, bath and bed.

Saturday Roman wad still at his daddy’s so Paul, Ruaidhrí and I went to the zoo when he finished work. The weather was lovely Ruaidhrí got his first organic carrot stick crisp. He loved them kept shouting out for more. He also tried his first avocado that morning not sure what he thinks. But we are gonna give it another go. When we got home we played some peek a boo with Ruaidhrí and stimulated him with songs and toys until his bedtime. Soon after it was bedtime for mum and dad too.

Sunday we had an early rise 6.30am. Dad had a charity swim to do and the boys and I went to their cousins birthday party. Roman loved it his wee fave was as red as a strawberry. He could not get enough of the soft play area. On our way to the party he was singing his wee heart out to Ed Sheeran Shape of You. It’s his favourite song at the moment and if he could have got up and danced he would have. Just wish I could have caught it on video. We got home from the party and we were all busted. The three of us all flaked out on the sofa. Ruaidhrí got some dinner. Daddy came home from his swim Ruaidhrí got a new donut playmat so he can sit without falling over and Roman got new Ninjago lego. They were both happy. Both boys got their bath. Ruaidhrí got his bottle and in bed for 6.35pm he just could not stay awake. Saying that I was sleeping my 7 and Paul and Roman both had a boys night and watched Zootropolis. (Even though Paul is not Romans dad. Roman sees him as his second dad as he has been on his life for more than half. It so good to see them both have a strong relationship and be so close.)

So that was my week of adventures with my two boys. Wonder what this week ahead may bring.

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Please just f**king sleep!!!!

Seriously life is just passing us by and we don’t even have the energy to live it.

Ruaidhrí has decided to go through this sleep regression phase that baby guru’s say that babies go through from the age if four months. Well the phase is fucking real with this child. We passed it with Roman but Ruaidhrí takes it to an all new level.

It would be ok if it was just during the night. However, this boy fights his sleep throughout the day now with a max of 45 minutes of nap time from morning until bedtime. 

How the fuck this child is surviving is beyond me as I barely am and I have umpteen amounts of coffee in me a day. Does he not realise that sleep is good for him and for the rest of us. He becomes so grumpy and irritated. Even when you try to cuddle and rock him to sleep he kicks out, shouts and cries all because he wants to be nosey and see what’s going on around him.

How parents cope with this with all their children is beyond me. I have talked to a few and some have said that all their children went through it. Some lasting longer than others. Parenting and raising a child is hard enough, but to throw in a zomified mum and dad. That’s seriously taking the piss there. 

We are just praying that he gets through this phase soon. As i would love to enjoy the last 2 months of my maternity and not be constantly for. But hey! That’s parenthood for ya isn’t it. The highs and the lows and you wouldn’t change them for the world. 

Sometimes you just need to vent.

Any suggestions would be so helpful 😊

Those eyes though 😍

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My Week of Adventures with R&R!!

The last week has been so busy with the boys. We arrived back home from New York last Monday and was so excited to see the boys. (Although that jet lag kills you after a while trying to get back into routine).

Ruaidhrí ended up in hospital while we were away so we had a sick baby all week. Although he was still on great form and Monday was spent with the boys playing with them. Ordering in food and watching a film as we did miss family day on Sunday. We also visited the new member of the family baby Sè, a new wee nephew, cousin and godson to me. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed indoors and played games as the weather was quite bad here. 

Thursday we brought Roman out for his suit and shoes for Sunday. We went round to see granny and granda for a while as it was lovely out. When we got home Ruaidhrí sat at the front door in his pram I sat with him with a cup of tea while Roman played with his friend in the garden. About 15 minutes later he had fallen on glass and cut his finger. Poor child was so scared by the site of blood his reaction was to the extend that you would have thought his hand fell off. All he wanted was to be cuddled after. And I wasn’t gonna say no. (Would any parent say no to cuddles!)

Friday (Was my birthday) I got spoilt rotten by the boys. Ruaidhrí spent the morning in the doctors as he developed a cough from being sick during the week.Roman went to his dad’s house in the afternoon. Once we got home from dropping him off I took a walk with Ruaidhrí in his pram. It was a nice day for it. 

Saturday I spent a few hours at the hairdressers and so by time I got home Ruaidhrí was getting dinner and getting ready for bed.

Sunday was the fun day. It was Ruaidhrí’s christening day. We picked Roman up at 9.30am from his dad’s and went back home to get ready. Every time Ruaidhrí sees his big brother, he has the biggest smile on his face. We got home got ready and off too the chapel. Afterwards we had a party with all family and friends. We had a DJ and singer, face painter, kids tattoos, balloon modeller, slushie machine and candy floss machine. Roman and all the other children loved it. We did not see them all day. The only time I saw Roman  was when the buffet came out and Roman came and asked me to get him food. After that he disappeared again. Ruaidhrí was the same he was passed from pillar to post getting so much attention he loved it.

Save to say it has been an eventful week. Now looking forward to what the NEW adventures the week ahead brings.

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One Unorganised Mum…

So tomorrow is Ruaidhrí’s christening and I had left everything to the last minute as per usual. (I really do need to get organised as I just give myself loads of stress).

The only item I had in was Ruaidhrí’s christening suit. However, that hung in his wardrobe until today, this evening I took it out and tried it on him for the first time. A bit late yes I know. (Laid back Annie here).

Paul and I have been running about like a headless chicken trying to get suits for him and Roman. An outfit for me, hair appointments etc…

On top of this Ruaidhrí has been sick all week. So having a clingy baby while being under a shit load of pressure  (totally my own fault) is something I never want to experience again.

Lucky all we have to do us turn up for the party after. My mum took over and I’m sure the place will look amazing.
Guess I better get my act together as I got a wedding to plan now.