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New York Trip 😀

This is just a post full of pictures from my trip to New York with my fiancé. I would not bore you with them all as I am an obsessive picture taker. But here’s a few of our adventures across the pond.

Times Square 

Central Park 

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge 

Statue of Liberty 

9/11 Memorial 

World Trade Centre 

American Natural History Museum 

Empire State Building 

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I said YES!!! New York was amazing!

So last week the now fiancé and I went to New York for a break away. It was my Christmas present and was in his plans all along to propose to me there.

Me completely blindsided had no idea what had just happened was completely shocked. Could not speak just about got yes out. And am now over the moon to become his wife.

From the start:

We went for a walk in Central Park. It was the only place I really wanted to go. Once we got to the gates we went on a Pedibike that brought us round Central Park. The guide showed us all the main attractions which parts of the park were in movies and so on. Once our guided tour had finished Paul suggested we go back into the park for a walk.

It was a beautiful evening the sun was shining, however it was still cold. We walked down  ‘The Mall ‘ ( the part in Maid in Manhatten were JLo is sitting on the park benches)  straight to the steps,  tunnel and fountain which you see in Home Alone 2 then on round to Bow Bridge that sat over the big lake. Beside the bridge was a big rock (like the ones you would find at the beach that have rock pools) we went up and sat on the rock and watched everyone go by. Watching the sunset behind the New York skyline and just taking in the view of our first night in New York. (Well I was anyways).

As we decided to go Paul helped me up kept a hold of my hand and stayed down on one knee. I was shocked he made this beautiful speech which brought tears to my eyes and of course I said yes. (HAVE YOU SEEN MY FUTURE HUSBAND, DAMN HE’S HOT… although that’s not the reason I said yes). 

Paul is one of the most loving caring men I have ever known. He would do anything for me. He came into my life completely unexpected. At a time were I was a single mum studying to make a better life for myself and Roman. After meeting Roman and when our relationship got serious he loved Roman just as his own when he did not have too. He treats Roman just as he does our is  son and loves him just as much as well. Which makes me fall in love with him more. He has made me a better me and I k ow I haven’t been easy to live with the last while back. He is one truly remarkable man who I will be proud to have as my partner in crime, my team player and my husband for the rest of all our days.

(We are getting married 💍🤵👰)

Paul I love you.


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Bedtime Routine 💤💤💤

Not all children have a bedtime routine. However for me it works wonders. From dinner time in the evening. That would be anytime between 5-5.30 pm. Then straight onto bathtime. 

Bathtime in my house lasts for about an hour on a good day. (Unless Roman has his swimming lesson he will just get showered there and I have ONE bath. YES!!!) Roman usually gets his bath first has he loves to spend a good hour in the baby playing with his toys while listening to his minecraft song playlist on my YouTube. Then once he’s done it’s Ruaidhrí’s bath for 10 minutes at the moment.

However my bath times do not pass without the use of Johnsons Bedtime essentials. And I use the lot. Yes I’m guilty of wanting that peaceful night sleep (unfortunately we still do not get that at the moment with baby no.2 and his teeth). To be honest though, I cannot praise it enough as Johnsons Bedtime collection really does work in helping calm your little ones down before they sleep. At the moment I am currently in use of:

  1. Bedtime Baby Bath (for those lovely sleepy bubbles)
  2. Bedtime Baby Wash (to wash all that has built up of them from the night before and also to get more of that calming aroma around them)
  3. Bedtime Baby Shampoo (just for the calming effect)
  4. Bedtime Baby Oil  (to help keep both kids skin soft and moisturised while giving them a small massage while putting it on. Oh and for the calming effect)
  5. Bedtime Baby Talc (Well just for extra calming effect)

I swear by this stuff. I love it. The difference in my baby’s going to bed without it is noticeable.

After bathtime for Ruaidhrí it’s usually about 6.45pm so his bottle gets made he gets his story then bottle and goes to sleep. (Depending on his teeth he will only usually wake up once for a night time feed then between 6.30-7am for his breakfast. (For a 4 month old I think that’s amazing.)

Roman use to go to bed at 7pm but now that is Ruaidhrí’s bedtime he gets to stay up until 8pm. So he can feel like the older brother by getting to stay up late. Plus we get that one on one time with him as parents. Which he loves. So after his bath Roman helps me bath Ruaidhrí and get him ready for bed. Then he gets to watch cartoons until I finish with giving Ruaidhrí his bottle. Once that is done and the baby is sleeping we will watch a cartoon of his choice together until the other gets in at 7.30pm from work. Then we will find out about everyone’s day. If he has been well behaved he gets Minecraft for 30 mins before bedtime. When 8pm arrives he knows to go upstairs to brush his teeth then into bed for his two bedtime stories and letters (currently learning him his alphabets). Paul and I take it in turns with Roman’s bedtime which is good for him. And that’s him asleep until he’s woke up in the morning for school. (Which is a whole other story. I wish Johnsons had a solution for helping to get them up also.)

Bedtime routines in your household are amazing. They help my children understand what is going to happen next so there is not that fight when it comes to them getting into bed and going to sleep.

Step One: Run a warm soapy bath with Johnson’s bedtime baby bath and use the bath wash and shampoo.

Step Two: I use the bedtime talc and baby oil for the gentle massage after. Plus it leaves their skin feeling soft and smelling nice. ( My four year old likes to do his himself now)

Step 3: For Ruaidhrí it’s story, bottle and bed. For Roman he gets to pick a teddy to sleep with and two bedtime stories.

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

By the time I am able to post this Mother’s Day will be over. However, I am currently sitting in Newark Liberty Airport and their internet is not connecting. 

This year is my 4th year celebrating Mother’s Day and although I am not there today I will be sure to make up for it when I get home. At home in Belfast a lit of the mum’s go out to the bars for Mother’s Day. It’s their day off as too put it. However, I have never seen it that way. To me Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the reason you became a Mum in the first place. Celebrating the day with your children as why else would you be celebrating it. 

I have recently become a Mum of  two well 5 months ago to be exact. And being a mum to one child is hard, putting another into the mix it’s harder again and my mum had done this 4 times over. Since Ruaidhrí came along the admiration I had for her when I had Roman, just grew a hell of a lot bigger when the babe came. 

Motherhood is hard work and fatherhood. Parenting altogether is hard work nevermind. And it’s good for all parents to rally each other on and give support.

My boobs may not be as perky and as big as they were before I had my kids. I may have a few extra belly rolls now instead of that flat stomach and I sure don’t have that small figure anymore. But if I had the choice to trade it in to have that young for body back again. I would sure as hell tell you to take a hike and don’t come back.

Since becoming a Mum, my life yes has become that little bit more harder and stressful. However, it has also been the most happiest, expectional and rewarding time of my life. I know that I was always meant to become a Mum as seeing those little faces, fills my heart with the most loving conditional love I have ever felt. And it’s them that’s makes me into the better version of myself.




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When Packing for TWO leads to Packing for FOUR!

Currently sitting writing with no WiFi connection as am staying overnight in Paul’s family caravan in County Louth while on our way to Dublin in the morning for NEW YORK!!!

We could have easily stayed at home in Belfast but staying in the caravan cuts the driving journey by half in the morning. Since we are child FREE from tonight which will be yesterday when this post is published. We are relishing in that long lost activity as that is what it seems to be now an activity we call sleep. I have already had a two hour, yes TWO flipping your nap since we got here.

So Monday this week arrived and I realised that it was New York week and I had shit loads to do. I only came to the realisation that not only had we to pack for ourselves, we also had a four year old and four month old to pack for. Well there is a first for everything. And it took 3 days to pack for them two and us. It’s the first time leaving Ruaidhrí for more than one night so more than likely I have probably overpacked. And with Roman he was over a year before I left him for more than a night or two.

Ruaidhrí had his own suitcase, grip bag, backpack and baby bag while Roman had a suitcase and backpack and they only away to their granny and grandas.

I’m so excited that my Christmas present has finally arrived and to spend some time just me and Paul no kids is going to be amazing. Time with Paul in New York is just an added bonus and I’m going to relish every moment of it. Although will be looking forward to kissing and tucking on my boys for the night again.

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Roman’s Phrase of the Week! 😆

Anyone with children or nieces and nephews or even anyone that works with children know there is no barriers with them. They tell you how they see it.

So this leads on to Roman’s comments to me. On Tuesday while we were out pushing Ruaidhrí in his pram to try and settle him. While on our way home a car had a flat tire. He started playing games with words saying flat tire, fat tire. All the while giggling away to himself as he thought saying fat tire was hilarious. Suddenly he stops, pauses and looks like he’s in a train of thought. Looks up at me and says;

Mummy a fat tire is just like a fat belly!”

I respond to him by asking:

“Why who has a fay belly son? “

His reply which I was not ready for as my mouth hit the ground in disbelief.

“You do mummy, when’s the baby coming out?”

Now I can laugh but I just did not know what to do at that moment. Whenever I told people they also laughed. The innocence of a 4 year old.

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My Week Of Adventures With R&R!

I swear I always say at the start of the week I will remember my weeks shenanigans with the boys when it comes to my end of week post.

Monday was the start of a tough week. Ruaidhrí is still teething at the moment and at the start of the week he was still crying throughout the day. Once Paul went to work Roman and I had Ruaidhrí out in his pram for hours. We visited my mum, dad, family friends and grandparents just to settle him. Saying that it was good to get out of the house for a while and the weather was great. We also done this on Tuesday. 

Wednesday afternoon Paul’s brother and wife came to pick up the boys and I. We went over to Shaws bridge park for a few hours. We were all to busy having fun we forgot about the time and we’re not getting home until very near bedtime. Which would have been amazing if I still did not have baths and dinners you do. Haha. Roman went out like a light that night as we did make them walk about 3.5 miles before we let them loose at the play park.  (Himself and his two cousins were like a packet of wild dogs on the hunt for food once they got to the play park.)Ruaidhrí was on his first swing by himself. Think I had mentioned that in a previous post.

Thursday after Roman finished school we went to my mums for a while. I like the boys to spend as much time around all the family. After we went to Paul’s mums for the boys to visit their other grandparents. We spent about 2 hours there before Roman had a swimming lesson with Paul. (Yes his stepdad is his swimming teacher but it’s their bonding time and they love it). It also gives Roman more time with his cousins. While I’m at the side lines with Ruaidhrí watching and waving as he shows me stuff he’s learnt. Ruaidhrí’s bedtime is 7pm so busy the time Paul gets home he’s already in bed. Manchester United Football team were playing on Thursday night so that means we have our visit from my granda. Paul picked him up on his way home from work. Roman got to stay up to see him for a bit before he went to bed. My granda adores the boys and is only just starting to come round in pronouncing Ruaidhrí’s name properly. He was getting called Roostin for a while. LOL!

After swimming waiting to go home.

Friday was St Patrick’s Day. Paul had the day off and Roman usually goes to his dad’s after school on a Friday. We usually pick him up and drop him over about 2. This day he went over a bit later and we enjoyed a day of face painting, Irish dancing, traditional Irish music and soft play area with the kids. Paul’s brother Gavin and his wife Maura joined us with their 2 children. It was a good day and we all enjoyed it.

The only St Paddy’s day picture I got and they were already out of their green.

Saturday we only have one child so Ruaidhrí and I met up with Auntie Mimi for a catch up and a bit of shopping. He was cuddled non stop the whole and throughly enjoyed the attention he was getting of his aunt. Once we got home we played on his playmate while he had a full on conversation to his brother’s Pikachu teddy telling him all about his day. Was the cutest thing ever!

On the train back home from our day with Auntie Mimi. Think he got fed up with the shopping. 

Sunday mornings are the lazy mornings. We do not get changed out off our pj’s all morning. Football was on again so my granda was up today to watch his team. It helps that Paul supports the same team. We go collect Roman anytime between 12-1. So once we got him we went to my mums for a sunday roast dinner. My uncle was up the boys got to see him for a while and they got too see 2 of my brothers. Once we had dinner the weather was dry so we went to the park for an hour. Paul’s brother, his wife and children joined us. The children played sword fights, Paul joined in. We all had ice cream then on our way home we drive back the mountain route. The scenery is just beautiful. We had our weekly family movie night we our party then bedtime for the kids anyways. Ruaidhrí usually goes to sleep before the movie starts however as he slept a bit in the park earlier he was nowhere near ready for bed at 7.

Ruaidhrí and I enjoying our lazy Sunday morning. Followed by him not being too amused because I set him in between his daddy and his great granda while the football was on. Roman and Paul at the park having a sword fight. Then the four of us settling in to watch Disney’s: A Bug’s Life.

I had another fun week the boys and since Paul and I are not going to be here most of this coming week we wanted to make the most of today. Sundays are my favourite day. I get to spend time with all my boys for practically the whole day. What more could a mother ask for.

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A Little Pamper Time on a Budget!

Everybody needs a little time to themselves and sometimes as parents it’s hard to find those precious moments to yourself. Where your mind can relax and not jump about in that little head of yours worrying or thinking what’s next on the to-do list.

I try to have that one night a week where I get to do this. Although, it does not happen every week (I wish it could happen every day mind you). 

Lately I have been loving my Epsom salt baths. I have been told they have good health benefits of you are in them long enough.

  • Improves heart and circulatory health.
  • Improves the ability of the body’s use of insulin
  • Flushes out toxins and heavy metals from cells
  • Improves nerve function
  • Relieves stress

And that’s just a few to mention. The rest can be found online or click on this link:

I also like to indulge on a Lush bath bomb every now and again. Basically because of the wonderful bath colours. They have so much to choose from.

Next on my pamper night is my hair mask. To be honest it’s the only hair care that works for my hair and it’s from the Avon. I use Instant Repair 7 and it’s like a miracle worker for my hair. I like to try and do it once a week. If not, I opt for leaving my conditioner in for an extra few hours. (You see my hair mask is left in over night. Usually about 12 hours).

Moving on I use the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb tissue mask. This piece of tissue is like heaven. I came across this mask while 9 months pregnant. Skin got awful dry, my goodness does this little piece of tissue do wonders for your skin. It did mine, 15 minutes on your face and it’s worth a whole week of moisturising. Your skin feels so hydrated and refresh. It’s awesomely amazing! 

This picture was taken a week before little Ruaidhrí was born.

Finally I use Dove tinted (light) moisturiser to help hide the truck size bags I have under my eyes at the moment from being so sleep deprived. 

This is not my daily moisturiser. I use Dove not just the tinted one everyday.

Even though it doesn’t happen every week but when it does I feel like a refreshed and better person of me. Feeling good about yourself and having that pamper night while your children are in bed makes all the difference when getting up countless times during the night and up early for the school run.

In total my pamper night costs about £7.50 and with the Epsom salts and hair mask you get about 3 nights out of each spend  £9.50 and you have 3 at home pamper nights for less than £10.

If you wanna go all out paint your nails as well. Go for it. It is your pamper night after all.

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Enjoying the weather while we can 😊

While the weather is dry here in Ireland it’s best to make the most of it. So another trip out to another park and a different part of the Lagan. 

This time the two boys and I went with their aunt, uncle and cousins. (Daddy had to work 😣). It’s good to see their bond grow. 

The walk was lovely it wasn’t that cold at all. The boys aunt is about to pop at any moment. So we tried to walk as far as we could along the trail before the kids started going on about the park. (They had as sitting protest, I think they forgot they had to walk the same distance back). They complained how tired they were however when it got round the park. They all had this rush of energy. As children do when they see any play park. 

We were all having such a good time we did not realise it was all the children’s bedtimes in an hour and all baths still had to be got. I love that Paul’s brother and his wife have been so accepting of Roman and treat him as part of the family. It gives me that warm feeling to see him so loved. And he loves them back. He gets so upset when it’s time to go home. As he just wants to spend so much time with them. 

As I’m the first out of my siblings to have children. It’s nice to hang out with other adults who have children as we all got to be home for a certain time and what parents get tired of talking about their own children and comparing stories of the antics that they get up too. That’s exactly how the afternoon went and it was just perfect for me and the two kids. Plus Ruaidhrí  got on his first swing by himself.

(Not much pictures got as we were too busy enjoying ourselves)

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What on earth had I got myself into? My insight into child birth! Part 1

Before I had children it always bewildered me why women talked about their birthing stories and what happened moment to moment. Well since becoming a mum I can understand why. They are just so interesting and I love hearing all the gory details (please tell me it’s not just me). The weirder the birthing story the better. Mines were just textbook stories. 

I’m going to delve into my first labor that in which my little ray of sunshine arrived.  As you know from previous posts Paul my current partner is not Roman’s biological father. Although he has been in his life from the age of 2 and he’s coming 5. So he has been here for more than half of his little life so far.

With Roman I was in labour for 60 hours. Yes! 60 blooming hours!! And when he’s old enough to understand I will not let him forget the length of time he had me in pain for.(Saying that I do have a high pain threshold but sure he’s not to know). 

When the contractions started I had no idea what they were. I called my cousin who already had 2 beautiful little babies one just 3 months prior. (Now hers is an interesting birth story, bit scary though). I had explained to her what I was feeling like what most women feel stomach cramps that where coming every so often. She however was no help! As she had not experienced natural labour. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone for a few hours. But when I did it was clear that I was in labour.

 While I was in labour Roman’s father was out drinking. He came home and went back out the next day (well morning). He was celebrating the 12th July. As the labour progressed we could not get a hold of him. He was off the grid. When he finally got home he could barely stand. He wanted to carry on drinking at home and kept on calling a girl from work to see if she was ok. While I’m in labour with his child. Yes I know twat!!! (But he’s still in Roman’s life and as long as he’s an amazing dad to him that’s all I ask now).

Went to hospital after nearly 30 hours. Only 3cm so got sent home. Stayed at home for 15 hours and went to hospital. As I was still only 3 they could give me a bed so I didn’t have to keep coming back and fourth. However no one was allowed up with me. So after waiting in the waiting area with my mum, Roman’s other nanny and his dad for another 4 hours I went up to the bed. I was knackered. This child of mine was draining me and I hadn’t even started any of the hare work yet.

I got quite a few hours sleep woke up to a wet bed. I had no idea what was happening. So I got out of the bed walked up the corridor to the midwife station and said I had either wet myself or my waters broke. They looked over the counter up the corridor and replied your waters have broke. From the room to where I stood was drip  drop trail of fluid from my waters breaking. (Hahaha looking back at this it always makes me laugh).

I then went round to the delivery suite where my birthing pool was getting filled. Two and half hours later after much pushing, crying and yelling g at the midwives to just cut him out there and then. What on earth had i gotyself into? Why would anyone go through this time and time again? Do thet need their heads checked? All of a sudden my little ray of sunshine was born at 7lbs 2oz on July 14th at 7.31am. My mum was amazing I would not have been able to get through it without her. While Roman’s dad sat a bit away waiting for it to be over. Nursing his hangover. With his first words to me (I will never forget these as long as I live) your now damaged goods.

The pain for me did not start until my waters broke. By fuck was it painful by the time I wanted pain relief it was too late. How women child birthed years before with no pain relief. I salute them.

How time now flies. Come September this year he will be starting primary school and already be 5 years old.

Roman son I love you will all my heart more than you will ever know. And I would do it all over again for you anytime.