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Weekly Whizz Kid

My oldest boy is in Pre-School and loves it. In October they started their Weekly Whizz Kid. Where a child in the class gets a certificate and a badge for being the Whizz Kid of the week.

Now to get this the child has to be on their best behaviour all week. Be nice and friendly to all the other children in the class. Play with children who are being left out and to basically be good. My oldest has been trying so hard to get this certificate from October and this week was his week. He came out of school on Friday smiling  from earlier to ear shouting he got his certificate. He was so proud of himself as he has been trying extra hard these last few weeks.

Seeing his smile because his hard work paid off had made my week. I was so proud of him for putting in all the work to get his certificate as to be fair he is the class clown and usually gets told off for messing about when he’s not meant too. 

The certificate now takes place on his bedroom wall and he smiles everytime he sees it.

Proud Mummy Alert

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Our little Bubba is coming four months now and all this week he has been teething badly.

(I never remember it being this bad with my oldest)

However, everything that our little Ranger took when teething Bubba doesn’t not seem to like that much.

I feel like my head is going to take off any moment just to get a moments of peace from the crying. Although, on the other hand I want to do everything I can to take all his pain away.

I swear by Nelson’s Teething teething powders. They work wonders and can been given to a baby from one month onwards. ( Not sure if they are sold worldwide but they do sell them here in the UK ). There has not been a day that has went by these last 8 weeks were our shoulders have not be drenched with the slabbers from teething or from Bubba chewing our shoulders.

Recently I have been looking into the teething range. And have come to the realisation that there is a lot of teething products out there. How was it so blindsided by this with my first. (I seriously did not know how lucky I was having a good teether with my first). Even though I know Bubba is not to blame.

I absolutely love Nuby’s range for teething. They have a few great teether that Bubba loves, which are also very handy.

Little Bubba loves the Chewbies Teether and so do I. Bubba started teething at 6 weeks, just a few days out off PICU. It is small enough and easy enough for him to hold with his own hands and put into his mouth at 9-10 weeks. The teething bandana bibs are great and stylish and the teething keys are a great rattle too as well as a teether.

For Bubba and for me Nuby is our go too teething range.

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Valentine’s Dilemmaย 

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A worldwide commercial holiday.

Personally I do not believe in getting lost in all the hype of Valentine’s Day. My opinion is that why does it take a commercial holiday for your other half to make a loving gesture and buy you something nice and take you out. It’s all about money. My other half still insists on getting me flowers and a card every year. So cards are the only thing we give each other.  Although they have to be handmade.

My Dilemma though!!!

Even though I do not like to get sucked into all the commercial valentine’s buys. I did have to start to give into it a little this year . My oldest is 4 turning 5 and last year he was a little bit upset that all his friends got chocolates, cards and teddies. 

So our I go biting my tongue and down going against all I believe so I can make my little boy smile and that he can proudly show off all his gifts to his friends.

Even though it’s something I dislike doing. I will now start to somewhat happily buy valentine’s gifts every year. Just so my boy won’t feel left out