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Fussy Eaters!!!

For over the last four and a half years so many friends and family have been telling me about their children being fussy eaters. Especially my cousins son, for me I have always counted myself lucky. As my four year old has always been a good eater until recently. People have always told me the day would come but I did not believe them. Then BOOM, it’s a massive uphill battle to get him to eat a full meal either it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Like most other children he would rather live on sweets all day. 

Looking back I can see where I had been to easy in letting him leave whatever meal he was eating. As I did not know if it was real revulsion he had for the food he was eating or if he was just bring stubborn.
Slowly but surely all the foods that he ate are no more. He always finds an excuse not to eat whatever it is put in front of him.

So I have been doing some research into ways I can help his eating habits get back to what they were. We are going to start giving them a go, i.e. using cookie cutters to shape sandwiches or toasties, muffin tray lunches and dinners a d trying extra hard to eat as a family (even though this is kind of hard as my partner doesn’t get home until our sons bedtime most nights and we also have a 4 week old newborn).

Any advice or ideas would be so welcoming. I am willing to try anything to get my son’s appetite back.