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Happy Halloween!!! πŸŽƒ


Halloween is here and the goose is fat!!!!

Halloween is a holiday i love to celebrate even more so that I am a mum now (although Christmas is definitely my all time favourite holiday).

These last few weeks have been pretty busy with having to make two Halloween costumes one for school and one for Halloween itself for Roman and getting through our Autumn List, as well as being in hospital for a while and getting everything sorted for bambino number 2. (Due in 6 days, the excitement of not walking like a penguin anymore is what has been getting me through this last week).

As a mum I want to try and do as much as I can to make the holidays that little bit extra special for my son. Especially this Halloween as its Romans last as an only child. So we have done lots of days out, attending Halloween Fairs, pumpkin carving and going to firework displays and Halloween parties. 

We had a rule no social media over last few weeks. Phones were only to be used for work or family calls. (Which I loved, even though Instagram and my blog are the only forms of social media I have). 

Quality family time is what family is all about for me. Who better to spend any holiday with than your family and to make those special and lasting memories with. I remember the Halloween party my mum had for me and my three brothers every year and our friends, with all the traditional Halloween games (bobbing for apples was and still is my favourite Halloween game). 

It’s those types of lasting memories I want to create for my children, so they can act on and pass down to their own children when the time comes in their own way. It’s the memory of family time I would like to see pass down through each generation of my family.

Being  a mum is the best part of my life adding in holidays to that and seeing how your children grow through each holiday is totally amazing. This was Romans first year being totally excited for Trick or Treating. Now that it’s 9pm and he has overdosed on sweets and out cold from exhaustion through all the excitement of our Halloween Trail today, going to our Halloween Hoolie party, fancy dress competition, trick n treating and watching the fireworks. I think it’s safe to say Halloween was a success this year!
Halloween costume for 2016 Pikachu exploding from his Pokeball 

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Autumn List

A season tradition!!!

Currently making our way through our Autumn List and have currently marked off 10 out of 36 of our activities. I love making these lists, as it’s fun to mark them off with the wee man. Also with the weather getting cold here in Ireland, it’s perfect to have a lot off indoor activities on the list.

 Arts and crafts are one of my favorite activities to do with my son,  especially as he’s getting older and his imagination is flourishing. We have autumn themed arts and crafts and Halloween themed too. (Clearly his favourite out of the two). 

Donating to our local food bank and to our local homeless shelter are on the list. I find these the most important as even though my son is only four, since he was able to understanding the meaning of giving and sharing. I have taught him that we should and always give to those who are less fortunate than we are. This is one tradition I look forward to every year and the older he gets the more excited he gets about it too.

Our Autumn to do list!

Above is a few pictures of our arts and crafts (just have to get on those bat wings) even uncle Deedee helped out!

Above is a few of our fun edible treats (Halloween Bark, Gooey Worm Milkshakes and Vampire Cookies)

Out looking for conkers!

And we were successful!

Now we just got to finish off our Autumn List!

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Apple Pie!

Autumn is here… Finally! I love it from October to December is my favourite time of year and I wish once it got to December 31st then it would be October 1st again. However, that cannot happen no matter I much I wish for it or even ask Father Christmas πŸ˜€

For me autumn is always the time of year that makes me so happy I don’t know what it is but season makes me feel a lot calmer and just wanting to appreciate all the beauty around me (not that you can’t do that with all four season). The colours are so mesmerising and the air is alot more crisper and cleaner  (to me anyways).

As the weather here in my home town is the type of weather that outside activities are just a big no to do. Over the last few years since my son is able to participate in activities I have started a lot of traditions. However this year we started a new one. One that has always been a tradition and one that reminds me of this time of year… Apple Pie!!! Yes you cannot go the month of October without having a few slices of apple pie (always hot, with a side of fresh cream, ice cream or custard).

This year I jumped right in and made my own. As the weather is still quite warm and  dry for this time of year, the little munchkin did not want to participate. So this project was of all my own hard work mostly guesswork  (if I am being truthful ass Internet was down). The kitchen ended up a little well alot messy than usual but once the pieces was in the oven the smell of freshly baked apple pie drifted through the house. I was feeling quite proud even though at this point I did not know if it was edible yet.

Apple Pie was done a little bit to golden but I still gave it a go. It was a success it was edible now onto the tasting part…. it tasted like apple pie to me just not as sweet as everyone else’s.  It was given out to family and friends this morning. Still waiting on replies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ either they do not want to tell me what I thought was a success is actually a failure or I have given them food poisoning so they are unable too…. Oooops!!!

(Maybe next time I should use a recipe)

Although I thought it was still nice even though it wasn’t as sweet I I would have liked. But one tradition I will be definitely trying to improve over the years. 

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Grandparents Day!

So yesterday here in the UK October 2nd was Grandparents Day. Not sure when this holiday actually came about and it hasn’t really taken off in the UK.

However, with being off on maternity leave i have had time to do extra arts and crafts with my son and decided that this year was the year we will start to celebrate National Grandparent’s  Day (that’s only because I found out a fee days ago that the UK celebrate it). 

I went onto a website  which has a few good card themes and colouring pages for little ones to do for their grandparents. This year I thought we would do something small like a card (grandparents were totally surprised and loved it, as they did not know this day existed either). Overall the day was a success we celebrated the joys the grandparents could bring (free babysitters  πŸ˜‚ ). And it will definitely be a tradition that my family will keep.

After a bit of research I found out that National Grandparent’s Day has been around in the UK since 1990, however has not started being advertised since 2008. National Grandparent’s Day is now celebrated on the 1st Sunday in October every year now.